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176: Afraid of Making Changes For Fear of Judgement


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast and today we are talking about needing to make a change but the fear that surrounds that.

Making changes can be so hard in our lives especially if they are big ones that we crave to make but feel the judgement from others will keep us stuck in old patterns. I get this I was battling that last year when I wanted to explore more woo and really show all of my interests. I’m just a personal trainer why would people think I can have other interests? I didn’t fear the judgement as much from friends as I did from various family members and people who already followed me but just for the fitness side. What ended up happening is my passion for my other interests just became too much. They were an ache that kept coming up that I needed to explore. I had this feeling and knew if I didn’t act on it I would be living a life that wasn’t mine anymore. It was a version of Andrea from 10 years ago.

I think we are all meant to evolve and grow and what happens is we often pigeon hold ourselves into a corner or a box that we think we need to stay in forever. That is why I feel so many millennials, myself included crave a career path that evolves with them which might mean switching jobs if it no longer feels right. We don’t want to stay in jobs that are no longer fulfilling, relationships that don’t really fill our cup up, and we crave time for our hobbies whatever they might be. We are a generation that craves less stuff, and more true connection to self and others.

When we start to evolve we can feel as if we are deceiving others or feel like an imposter almost. Which could be further from the truth. Often the relationships we feel we will get the most judgement from are the ones we’ve hid this side of ourselves from the longest. We all have the one friend or family member you feel you can’t really be your new you for fear of “wh0 do you think you are” criticism.  I would question if that is a person who truly loves and supports you maybe start to examine the relationship. If you find you always go back to old you around them maybe the college version or high school version that relationship might have run it’s course. I’m guessing they probably have evolved and changed since the last time you’ve seen them and that is okay. It’s time to move on together or apart. Family is obviously a little more of a sticky situation but it’s possible. I’ve done it but with my immediate family I’ve always been the “odd” one so it’s an easy transition into the next version of me most times. Your job is to keep showing up as the new version of you every time you see them. We teach them how we want to be treated and keep exposing them to who you are now. If they can’t get on board at family gatherings just find yourself not next to that person or stop accepting the coffee dates with the friend who questions everything you do.

Judgement will always happen no matter if you stay the same or evolve into the next version of you. It will always be there and how you deal with it is up to you. I know for me it feels like a breath of fresh air to be more me than stay stuck in my old ways that no longer feel in full alignment anymore.

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