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174: Implementing Divine Body Wisdom


Learn why divine body wisdom is the hidden factor for you to stop the diet rollercoaster, learn how to connect with you and really understand what you need vs what you want and practical ways to tell the difference. This will be real conversation with a sprinkle of tough love.

Divine Body Wisdom is the backbone of what I work with when I teach women how to slow down, tune in and listen to their bodies. At the end of the day we can follow a diet or an exercise plan but until we can truly listen to what our body wants us to do we are fighting an up-hill battle. Today I want to teach you various ways to connect to your internal knowledge and learn to trust yourself.

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Learning to trust yourself

  • Connect with yourself every morning- What do you like to do each morning? How do you start your day? Do you spend a little time with yourself or do you rush off to work? The more we can spend time with ourselves the more we learn how to listen and trust ourselves.
  • Ask yourself what do you want? When we think about what workout to do in the morning we need to see how we feel that day. Did we get a good nights rest, are you well nourished, are you calm and don’t have a ton of stress in our lives. Maybe it’s a great day to do a more intense workout, if you have been feeling super stressed, running on fumes it would be a good idea to go to a yin yoga class. The more we tune into our bodies needs the more she will talk to us.
  • What foods do you need to feel nourished? The foods we eat can often be out of habit or out of what we have lying around the house. When we think about what we want for the week ahead do it when you are feeling not hungry and well rested. If you make that plan buy fresh veggies, lots of different colors, and foods that nourish you.
  • Go to the bathroom when you need to- There are so many times we ignore our bodies natural signals. We don’t use the restroom when we need it and ignore our basic needs. When we do that our body starts to talk to us on a regular basis because it can trust us.
  • Track your cycle- Day 1 is the start of your cycle and when you take small notes about how you feel each day throughout your cycle. You might start to notice the 17th day of your cycle you always feel a strong headache coming on.
  • Play detective- Now we play detective. Why do we get a headache on the 17th? What are we eating, what are we doing for workouts, are we getting enough rest? This is something you can do in all areas of your life. We need to ask why more often and learn to record various aspects of our lives if we are trying to connect the dots to our health.

Weekly Challenge 

Start to play detective with one of your health habits this week. Wanting to have more energy track when you start to lose it each day?

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