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155: Should vs. Must


Today’s solo podcast is about what we “should” do vs. what we  must do. This was inspired by a recent book I read- The Crossroads of should & must.

How often have you said I should meditate, workout, eat healthier, not work so late, go to bed early, get up early, the list goes on and on….

Why don’t these things happen? I feel we are saying I should instead of must. If we say we must workout, eat healthier, get up earlier, go to bed earlier, etc. We usually have a strong why as to why we are feeling called to do these things. So often we just assume it’s suppose to be good for us but really it’s not something we are ready to make a new habit, we might have tried to change multiple habits at once, or it’s not something we see that will really benefit us.

How can we start to flip the script from should vs must in our lives. Start by making a list, yes I’m giving you some work to do but this work is where the transformation happens. If we don’t know what our true soul is having us do we are always going to be living in the “I should” land. We need to paddle our boat over to the I must land if it’s a habit you know can transform your life.

You know what also is not fun when we start something new? Habits…Even if we know we really want it they sometimes still stink at making and sticking to. I’ve broken habits over and over again and it’s not because I didn’t want it I just didn’t want it bad enough to break the habit and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

An example I had stopped drinking wine for a few months it felt great, it nourished me and I felt more clear. Well over the summer I started enjoying a bottle of rose throughout the week, it wasn’t a ton but enough to throw me off my game. I could feel my mental & physical shift. I wasn’t as sharp or in as clear of alignment because I was clouding myself whether it be through self- sabotage and yes that’s a real thing, or I just was scared of what was on the other side. When we decide we must do something it can be scary. I’m committing to become an early morning person, or someone who works out, or eats vegetables. They are changing our self-identity which is scary. We have to become a new person. Change isn’t easy but when we decide we must do something we will have setbacks but if we truly must do it we will work through the blocks and sabotaging moments to bust through a new level of our lives.

My favorite word is evolve and I feel as if I’m constantly evolving and checking in with what fills me up, where I want to go and who I’m becoming. I know being a medicine woman/transformational coach is my next calling. I can feel the shift inside me. I’ve been personal training for 11 years now and have been a coach the entire time. I’m ready to make an even deeper shift with women by eliminating the workout aspect. I know so many people have their routines, or don’t like to workout but do want to make a shift in their lives. So many of us are craving a deeper connection with our lives. We want to start living our best life everyday and not just living for the next weekend or happy hour. Deeper meaning and connections are rising and I’m ready to help you find that for your life. First it starts with knowing yourself and I have tons of medicine woman tools and tricks to help you do that. You will see a shift on the podcast as well. I’m really interviewing women who are coaches, Ayurvedic practitioners, women who work with herbs, and helping us get back to the roots of why we are here. I don’t think it’s a surprise that my most downloaded episode by more than double is women who run with the wolves. That’s the shift so many of us are wanting, needing, craving that is a must! We are awakening to our true potential and I cannot wait to help you along your journey. So stay tuned for some magical guests, conversations, and solo shows diving deep with you. If you want to chat with me personally and wonder how you can start to make the shift into a more fulfilling life head over to www.andreaclaassen.com/discoverycall to talk and see if we would be a good fit to work together. I would love to know more about your story and how I can help you transform your life.

Weekly Challenge:

Write out the list of things you should do and write out a list of things you must do.

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