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144: Information does not always equal transformation


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I’m talking about why information does not always equal transformation.


We are bombarded with so many messages nowadays you just need to do one scroll through your social media account of choice to see that. Everyone has their own agendas and want you to trust what they are doing. Now some of those claims are legit others just want to make a quick buck. We are left with the where & how do I sort all of this information?

I have this issue when I start to look at the business side of things. I’ve invested in thousands of dollars into business masterminds, coaches, and programs. Some were worth it others were overpriced. All were learning experiences as I’ve discovered ultimately I know the answers, the irony this is what I teach women only on the fitness side of things!! SMH.

How do we stop the consuming cycle?

  • Have social media breaks planned into your life
  • Pick your favorite 3-5 people to follow in each industry to avoid confusion
  • Start implementing! If we always consume we lose the point of actually implementing what we learn
  • Set parameters around your consumption
  • Unsubscribe from newsletters- 
  • Take your Divine Time & 10 minute medicine breaks in your day
  • Listen to what feels good by tapping back into your intuition


Weekly Challenge:

Where do you keep trying to find more information instead of just trusting yourself and doing?

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