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138: Women who run with the wolves



I recently completed one of my favorite books of all times Women who run with the wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. I cannot speak highly enough of this book. I think it should be a must read for young females. Women in college might be able to understand some of the concepts and learn from common mistakes we make through the years. I have put together some of my favorite key takeaways and will discuss them with you today.

Key Takeaways from Women who run with the wolves 

  • How often do we get trapped in our lives? We get stuck in jobs we don’t like but we need the money, we get stuck with friends that no longer serve us, we get stuck in cycles of repeating the same old bad habits that take us back to where we were trying to leave.
  • There are so many “traps” set up to keep us all in our boxes instead of free to be the person that is calling your name. You know the inner girl that tells you to wear the beautiful dress even though you will look “different” than others at a party, the inner girl who tells you to quit the job and start doing what you love, or to leave the toxic relationship whether it be a romantic one or just a friend.
  • To make the next evolution of your inner wild woman you have to make bold moves.
  • We are living for the next party, holiday, weekend we start to say I would do that but…
  • You don’t need to start at the end but what small changes can you make this week to step into the next evolution of you?

Weekly Challenge:

If you haven’t already read Women who run with the wolves 

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