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132: Why you’re not losing weight


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast and today I’m chatting about something I don’t always address but have been feeling called to lately- weight loss.

I’ve had such a great influx of woman joining my private Facebook group and I always ask a question when they join about what their main health goal is- do you know what the most common answer was? Weight loss.

Now I have a love/hate relationship with this topic. One I’m a trainer so that’s part of what I help woman do, two I feel weight loss is not always the main goal people want but are more likely craving the feeling weight loss will bring them. Now side note I’m not talking about weight loss as a serious health goal as in you need to lose weight because you have diabetes, high blood pressure or are putting your health at risk due to your weight. I’m talking about losing those 10-20 pounds that we think will help us feel better about ourselves.

For us weight loss can be a physical or a mental thing. I believe we can love ourselves and still want to change ourselves. I also believe the change can be physical or mental. If we think we need to look like the 18 year old version of ourselves we might need to look at the mental side of why. So all of the mindset stuff aside let’s tackle weight loss from both my training & Ayurvedic coaching background.

Weight loss steps

  • Sleep – How many hours are you getting? Are you sleeping too much, not enough? 8 hours is usually the magic number and going to sleep by 10:30pm is advised in Ayurveda and getting up  around 6am.
  • Nutrition- There is no diet for everyone. There is no magic formula that is right for me & for you. In general we need to eat more veggies & less processed foods, eat in season & know where our food is coming from.
  • Exercise- Like nutrition exercise is a no one size fits all approach depending on your body type will depend on what exercise is recommend for you and how you feel on a specific day of the month.
  • Ayurvedic Schedule- What does your day look like? Are you working out at the wrong time of the day? When are you eating is just as important as what you’re eating.

My Weekly Challenge

Revise your schedule so it’s setting you up to win. Again your win will look different than my win. How can you feel better, less stressed by setting up a schedule that works for you.

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