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118: The Coven is Rising!


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I sat down with two ladies- Erinn Farrell & Bethany Iverson co-founders of The Coven.


I first heard of the Coven from a client of mine who happens to be Erinn’s aunt. I attended one of their pop-up events in the Minneapolis area and fell in love with what they are offering. It is a women’s centered co-working space that offers a safe space for anyone who identifies as a woman to work, learn, and mingle with each other. There are actually 4 co-founders of the Coven and I got to chat with Bethany & Erinn today. I think you will really enjoy learning about what they are building in the Minneapolis area. Even if you’re not local it is a great concept to try and replicate elsewhere in the country.

Background on The Coven

The Coven is a collaborative community work space created by women, for women. As the first organization of its kind in Minneapolis, we offer programming and events that focus on leadership, business, career and personal growth, health and wellness, community organization and activism, to name a few. Think of it as a modern, diverse social club for women where you can be any version of yourself.
Everyday, people who identify with womanhood in Minneapolis find themselves in homogenous, male-centered environments with limited designated community spaces where they can go to gather, recharge, learn from, celebrate and work with one another. The Coven exists to fill this need. Our business model is five-for-one: for every five memberships sold, we offer one all-access scholarship to a woman who meets certain socioeconomic requirements.
Opening in early 2018, we will host a number of pop-up events for anyone who identifies as female or non-binary in fall of 2017. We would love for you to join us for one of our upcoming events, or better yet, get in early on our community of diverse, dynamic women by becoming a founding member.

Connect with The Coven

Topics Discussed

  • How they came up with the name
  • What they are hoping to bring to Minneapolis
  • Ideal woman joining the Coven
  • Advice for someone wanting to create their own space
  • How they are making partnerships around the Twin Cities
  • Upcoming events for 2018
  • Behind the scenes look at the Coven

The Coven’s Weekly Challenge

Act as your personal best self this week.  

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