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115: Nikkiey Stott on building your physical & mental muscles


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast with Nikkiey Stott. We talk about how to build both your physical & mental muscles in today’s episode.


Nikkiey is one strong female in both mind & body. Her determination and attitude are contagious. She has a no holds bar approach to her own health as well as when it comes time to motivate the women & men she works with. She has done multiple figure competitions in which she has placed in all of them! She really breaks down how to reach your goals and gives some amazing book recommendations to boot!

Background on Nikkiey

Nikkiey Stott, 2x Professional Natural Women’s Physique Competitor, BSN. I have been in the health and fitness industry for 5 years starting out not understanding how to get my dream body, following a million things all over the internet, getting frustrated, to wanting to step outside of my comfort zone and tackle the art of sculpting my perfect body. That lead me to a 31 week transformation, competing in my first bodybuilding show, and taking professional status in my first show. I knew this was my calling, I knew this was the universe saying here is how you can help people since you have been through the crazy challenging process. That lead me quitting my nursing job to starting my own online strength and empowerment business now helping 30+ women throughout the United States changing women’s lives.

Connect with Nikkiey

Topics Discussed

  • How mindset plays such a vital role to reaching your fitness goals
  • Physique competitions and the mindset needed to do them.
  • How to let go of limiting beliefs that we have about ourselves
  • What Nikkiey’s keystone habits are
  • How to keep your habits going
  • Nutrition tips

Nikkiey’s Weekly Challenge

Pickup a book & have a little self-love pep talk with yourself

Book Mentioned

The power of awareness 

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