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113: Dr. Rachel Allyn on being unapologetically you


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast with Dr. Rachel Allyn and we are chatting about yoga & tuning into what you truly want out of your life.


Rachel and I were introduced to each other by a past guest Robert Davis. Rachel is local to Minneapolis and actually works at the yoga studio I belong to and got her teacher training there as did I. I can’t believe our paths haven’t crossed earlier. We chat about how she blends both the Eastern & Western worlds and makes it work for the modern woman.

Background on Rachel

I have worked in the field of psychology for over 18 years, providing services to diverse clientele in a broad range of settings in the United States. Raised in Minnesota, I received an undergraduate degree from Williams College in the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts. Then I promptly did what any plucky graduate of a liberal arts school would do: parlayed my political science degree into work as a reporter for a San Francisco television station. Somehow, logic aside, this led me to graduate school in clinical psychology.
After getting a PhD from the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) in San Francisco, I continued training at Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) in Minneapolis and received my doctorate in 2005. I spent years in the rocky mountain West focusing on psychotherapy, diagnostic testing, teaching as a professor, and becoming certified as a yoga instructor at the 500-hour level. Like many people I was drawn to yoga as a way to stretch tight muscles but continued because of the serenity and introspection it provided.
I blend Western and Eastern philosophy and integrate the mind and body, tailored to your specific needs. My specialty areas include relationship & intimacy issues (including sex therapy), anxiety, depression, stress management, sleep difficulties, trauma & loss, and emotional eating/body image issues. I have created a unique style of psychotherapy called YogaPsych®. This is based on research that the body stores emotions and other experiences, which get stuck within us unless we have a safe way to discharge them from the body. I help facilitate connection and release of these stuck emotions and behavioral patterns through yoga, breathing, meditation and outdoor therapy.
My clients remark about how approachable they find me, and this leads to a relationship of trust and teamwork. My ultimate message is for you to find your own path and serenity in this often challenging world. When not spreading this message, I divide my time between the trails, travels and the yoga mat.
(I also have more specific info on my different professional offerings here: http://www.drrachelallyn.com/therapyandcounseling/)

Connect with Rachel

Topics Discussed

  • How to blend both Eastern & Western worlds
  • Eastern practices she has seen really take off in the US
  • How she incorporates yoga into her therapy sessions
  • How to work through anxiety
  • Stress management tips
  • How to feel more confident in our bodies

Rachel’s Weekly Challenge

What are 2 non-negotiables for self-care strategies to your week and create an abc gratitude list.

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