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107: What are your priorities?


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast and today I’m getting real about priorities.

Show me your calendar and you will show me what’s important to you. That is a true statement. My brother and I are always baffled as to why some people constantly complain they didn’t reach their goals, they didn’t make enough money to buy the new car, or lose the weight they wanted that year. ¬†As we are both considered to be “busy” people and yet we find time for the things that are important to us. Not only do we find the time we make the time.

When I say we make the time I mean I block out time in my calendar to go to my yoga classes. I book a training session with myself in my calendar and rarely cancel or move it. I treat those appointments as non-negotiables. As they are if I want to stay healthy in mind & body. Not only are the workouts my priority but so is my morning routine. I fell out of it during the summer months which made me ungrounded and not as focused as I would have liked because I let them slip. With the change of seasons my goal was to wake up early again to get back to my regular scheduled morning routine. Not only was I going to meditate but also add in reading from my prayer book, writing in my journal, and reading a passage from Rise Sister Rise every morning. I look forward to that. I want to start my day with a little centering and time for me.

I want you to look at your calendar right now and figure out what your making a priority. Is it what you say it is. A lot of people say they value their health but don’t do anything such as meal prep, working out, or taking 30 minutes for a little self-care every now and again. That to me means your valuing your health. Your making time for you. If work is in the way you might have to restructure your work. I know working for a corporate office your thinking yay right, but I just had a client go into her boss and say something needs to change she is burning out and getting sick because she was working too long of hours. They came back and negotiated and she is working 9-5pm no extra hours and her pay is staying the same. So don’t tell me it can’t be done. You just have to look at the creative ways to make it happen.

Let me know what priority shift you need to have happen in your life this week to take back your health and feel like your priorities are back in line with your values.

Go out there & spread your Peaceful Power.

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