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105: Why moderation might not work for you


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I’m striking a chord with people as I’m breaking down my moderation is not my thing.

I’m going there why I don’t think moderation is best for everyone. We hear it all the time everything is fine in moderation but I’m here to challenge that motto, and tell you maybe you need a few rules in your life.

Food Rules 

To me food rules are things I have in place to help give me more freedom. Yes sounds counterintuitive but really it lets me evolve into what I want to eat. Here are some examples:

  • I’m done eating by 6pm most evenings
  • I only allow myself 3 alcoholic drinks a week (or an entire bottle of wine throughout the week)
  • Minimal snacking
  • Avoid purchasing a ton of processed food as I will eat it
  • If I crave a Twix bar though I allow myself to indulge just not every time
  • I’m done with coffee by 11am
  • I prefer soup as a dinner choice in the winter
  • I eat a light breakfast

So those “rules” help me have a lot of parameters around what I actually eat and what I want to achieve.


Now another reason food rules work for me as I’m not an abstainer. If I eat a cookie I’m probably having an entire row. Some people are good at being a moderator but not me when it comes to cookies. So understanding yourself and your personality will help you know if food rules are best for you.

There are other personality types that can have a half eaten bag of M&M’s laying around their house for weeks and not even think about it. Again it really varies from personality type to personality type. The more you are aware of your personality type the better you understand if you need to be a moderator or if you need to become an abstainer.

So that’s why I’m a bigger fan of having a few food rules then trying to live in moderation. As I know certain foods are foods I’m not great at moderating. So knowing yourself and what type of personality you have will help you set yourself up for success when trying to find your food rule balance.

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