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100: Parenting, Running a Biz & Finding me Again


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast and today I’m doing an update on being a mom boss, and finding me again.

I can’t believe we are on episode 100!! I started this podcast in November of 2015 just doing a show every other week. I would write a blog post one week and a podcast the next, I was 6 months pregnant at the time. I took a month off after Jalen was born and then came back with weekly podcast shows and then introduced guests last summer. I started with 14 downloads a month and now have over 2500. That might not sound like a lot or it might sound amazing to others. I truly do the show as I love connecting to the listeners, the guests, and love to chat into a microphone and forget I’m recording. I’ve received some amazing Instagram messages about how the show has helped you and motivated you and I appreciate all the feedback. If you could do 2 favors for me and let me know your favorite past episode message me on Instagram or leave it under the latest podcast post, as well as leave a review if you haven’t already. I know I have more listeners that haven’t done so and I truly appreciate it if you could take a few seconds out of your day to do so as it helps me reach even more women reach their health goals.  Thanks again and I look forward to sharing the next 100 episodes with you all.

Now that my son is just over a year and a half old a lot has shifted and changed both mentally & physically. I have been up & down and all around. When I went into motherhood I didn’t have any real expectations of what was going to happen or how my life would look. I mentally don’t know how I could have prepped myself better because as anyone will attest you just don’t know until you become a mom how everything will happen or shake up. Hormones, no sleep, inconsistent routines, and trying to run a business is tough. So the early stages of being a mom I definitely felt a little lost, and helpless at times. Now that he is older and can play by himself (kind of) I can cook dinner or maybe fire off a few emails while he is playing.

Tips for running a biz: 

  • Release initial expectations
  • Map out as much as you can in advance to babies arrival 
  • Understand that things will change last second
  • Go with the flow but have an overall plan
  • Don’t beat yourself up for not getting enough done
  • Enjoy your time with the baby as they do grow up fast

Now not only was running a business with a baby a new challenge as was finding me again. I finally feel hormonally back to myself, and just a little more aligned with me. This can be a tricky shift as you never know how the post- partum hormones will hit you and lack of sleep. Which I realized I was very balanced before baby but boy do I need my sleep! I was walking around like a zombie, not knowing what to say, I couldn’t really articulate anything. Even a few weekends ago while I was at my in-laws cabin this year I actually helped out doing dishes, where last year my lil guy was 6 months old it never even occurred to me to help. Little things like that are what I do notice and like that I mentally feel more in-tune with the old balance.

How did I get there? That was a longer road. I started with self-care practices and getting more sleep. My self-care practices were working out, yoga, journaling, reading, working on my business, and spending time with friends. Ultimately I needed sleep. I can’t function very well on limited hours of sleep. I need 8 hours to be a functioning adult. I can still tell the days where I’m exhausted around 3-4pm it’s not a good day. I look back at what I did that morning. Did I have too much coffee, did I wake up to early, did I sleep through the night, did I have any wine the night before, did I work too much that day, did I go for an afternoon walk? Those are all things that will help layout my day now. Overall it’s being more aware of life in general. Since studying Ayurveda I really have put into place little practices that add up to big results. I feel less pressure to work the entire day and now spend more time on effective projects instead of aimlessly wonder from one project to the next.

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