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Picture A Perfect Christmas


Movie: Picture A Perfect Christmas

Background on the movie

The leading actress is a professional photographer and the leading actor develops apps. The leading actress gets to have Christmas at her grandmothers home for the first time in years. Who lives next door to the grandmother? While the app developer of course with his nephew who he is raising. The app developer is trying to hire nanny but very unqualified nannies show up and  Sophie (the photographer) was the best option. Needless to say Sophie and David (the app developer) start to fall for each other. Sophie boyfriend ends up coming into town when the band he is taking pictures for is in Seattle. He seems nice enough but it’s clear two busy photographers are never going to see each other, passing ships in the night so to speak. Sophie breaks up with him, David goes to coffee with his ex who is now engaged leaving room for David and Sophie to decide they will make life work and want to be together.

What worked?

The idea of work life balance has been a theme this year in Hallmark movies. I think it’s a great theme for the year as I think s0 many people are feeling out of balance in work and life. We are in a go go go society and I love that Hallmark is trying to do their part on shedding light on balance. I do believe in balance in the fact not everything will be perfectly balanced but there will be some weeks when you need to work more, others where you will be needed at home more. A perfect 50/50 split is not realistic for most. Which I also think Hallmark is doing with the movies I’ve seen thus far in 2019.

What didn’t work?

Not sure the actual app David created will work. I like the premise of it how we can give more during the holidays but keeping it local to their small town doesn’t seem that helpful. I know in my small town of 500 people there are only so many people to really make that idea fly.

3 Takeaways

  1. Hallmark seems to be playing up the uncles needing to parent the kids of their sibling and spouse who have passed away. While very noble we’ve already had two of those plot lines in the first 6 movies.
  2. We’ve also had two meet-cutes that started the same way. A misunderstanding of who the person was they are fun but now in 6 movies we’ve seen that twice. In Merry & Bright this also happened.
  3. I loved the grandma and the nephew in this movie. They both stole the scenes when they were in them. Be on the look-out for those two!

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Official Workout

YouTube Video Demo’s

Woodchop with a knee drive

High Knees with DB Press

High Plank with Rear Foot Raise

Side Plank with Top Leg Raise

Opposite Arm to Floor Balance 


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