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Nostalgic Christmas Workout & Review


I enjoy both of the leads of this movie so going into this movie I had mediocre expectations. Right now I feel they are putting the not as great movies on the Mystery and Movies channel and saving the big hitters for the Hallmark Channel. So let’s dive into this one..

Movie: Nostalgic Christmas

Background on the movie

The movie started by the two main leads accidentally getting picked to lead the Christmas festivities in town. One was a widow and had a middle school age daughter who wanted to act in pageant but hadn’t had the courage to sing in a show yet.  The leading actress’ father is going to retire and close his toy wood making shop. We find out Brooke D’ Orsay character actually used to create santa’s herself.

Now I always find it ironic that the Hallmark movies leading men can’t pick up on the hint that the woman they are into are not seeing the other man who plays the friend role. You can read from most of their body language she’s not into that guy she’s into you. But for whatever reason Trevor Donovan’s character misses those hints as well.

I will say this was not my favorite movie. I found it to be a bit of a snooze feast and I enjoy both of the leading characters. The plot just wasn’t that compelling to me. I feel they could have done more with the story line than they did.

What worked?

I enjoyed the cute wood making shop that Brooke D’ Orsay father owned. I thought Jessie, the daughter of Trevor Donovans character was a wonderful singer. I liked the idea of putting together the town Christmas festivities and found that to be a cute plot but just moved a little slow for me.

What didn’t work?

I wasn’t a big fan of the movie and I think the main reason was it just didn’t quite move at a quick enough pace or there wasn’t a character that really drew me in.

3 Takeaways

  1. Antique and toy shops seem to be a common theme thus far in the 2019 Hallmark movie season.
  2. They have had great singers do solos during the 2019 movies.
  3. The plot of creating a unique Christmas festivities in town is cute but just didn’t seem to come together in the end.


The Official Review


The Workout

Video Demo’s for the moves above

Reverse lunge to front kick

Bear crawl tap outs 

Side plank knee drives

Bridge Pulses

Plie Squats 


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