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Hallmark Movie: Merry Christmas Match Workout & Review


Let me preface that I was so excited for the Hallmark premier on October 25th, 2019. I was ready made a yummy salmon dinner and was ready for a great kick-off movie. What ensued was not the best movie I’ve ever seen Hallmark put out…

Movie: Merry Christmas Match

Background on the movie

The leading young ladies name is Corey. She is living in the small town she grew up in and working at her parents antique shop. Which we find out her father has passed away and her mother is running the store which is not her dream or Corey’s dream career. They both have different visions for their lives. Corey can’t seem to let go of the store which I think she might need therapy to help her move on which was never discussed but seems like a healthy option.

In the leading man enters Ryder. He comes into the antique store and of course breaks a chair and wants to purchase an antique clock that hasn’t worked in years but was Corey’s fathers. She reluctantly sells it to him for $400! He ends up being in town of course with her best friends new boyfriend. So they get plenty of time to spend with each other.

Now I start drifting after the initial 45 minutes as it was a little dull and the actors themselves seemed disinterested. (Except the best friend who is a movie star she was the only one that I really saw any spark on the screen from)

Like a Hallmark movie it ends by them enjoying each others company and Corey agreeing to move to LA to pursue her Hollywood dreams thanks to Ryders mom’s connections. It really ended abruptly. I thought there could have been more fleshing out of the ending and not just a door slamming that’s it.

But after reading this review and deciding it would be a good movie to workout to as you don’t have to pay that much attention to it below is the workout for it!

What worked?

Corey’s best friend. She had a great voice, she seemed interested in being in the film (not to cool for school attitude the main actors gave off)

What didn’t work?

I found it to be slow. It was not a Hallmark made movie as they purchased from an outside of Hallmark company and it feels as if this was a filler movie to hit their movie quota for the year of 40. This could have been placed in a better spot I feel than opening movie as they might lose people who are not familiar with regular Hallmark Christmas movies. I promise there will be better ones!

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My Overall Recommendation


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