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Daily Dinacharya Ideas


Ayurveda has routines that are meant to help you ground, stay present and focused throughout your life. They call it dinacharya which are examples of routines that you bring into your day. I have a few examples of dinacharya ideas below and how you can implement them into your routines.

Dinacharya Ideas

  • Wake up at or around 6am
  • Say a prayer or as you put your feet on the ground say I’m transitioning from my head space into my heart space. Or whatever phrase is calling to you to start your day with intention.
  • Scrape your tongues, wash your face and brush your teeth
  • Drink water
  • Have a bowel movement (it is suppose to common naturally within the first hour of waking if not look into diet & lifestyle changes to help you become more regular)
  • Nasya oil or neti pot depending on the season
  • Meditation or movement depending on your dosha and what you need in your life
  • Divine Time (solo time checking in with you)
  • Incorporate 10 minute medicine into your day as needed
  • Self-massage at some point in your day- dry brush or using oils such as coconut oil
  • Early lighter dinner (eating something light and done eating by 6-7pm, the earlier the better) & early to bed (in bed by 10pm most nights)

Remember these are just ideas on how you can go through your day. To start playing with a good routine in your day make it practical , fun and make it flow. What is the your favorite way to start and end your day?


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