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6 Business Travel Tips To Stay Healthy On The Road


Having worked with many clients over the years who travel quite a bit for work I have 6 tips to help you keep your health in mind while on the road for work. There tends to be two forms of work trips those that are packed from 5am-10pm and those that you have a little time built into your day. Depending on your trip you might be able to do all of the tips or maybe just a few either way they are built to have you feeling a little less tired, bloated, and scattered after a quick or long work trip.

Healthy Work Travel Tips

  1. If possible start your day with movement- If you have a meeting at 6am try and get up at 5am to do a quick 10 minute yoga session in your room. Not into yoga do 20 squats, 20 push-ups, 20 reverse lunges and hold a 30 second plank. If you have more time and you know there is a gym where you’re staying have the workout you want to do already planned ahead of time so you don’t waste precious minutes figuring out what to do. If there is no gym have a quick no equipment workout plan that you can do in your room option as well. See below for an example of one.

2. Stay hydrated- Yes, this can seem like an obvious one but if you know you’re flying or driving a long distance making sure you’re drinking water. For every cup of coffee or caffeinated beverage you should be having two glasses of water. If you know alcohol will be present in the evening make sure you add in water in between rounds to not leave yourself feeling as groggy the next day.

3. Bring healthy snacks- Depending on what part of the country you’re traveling to you might not have as healthy as options to choose from. If you know this going into your trip bring a few healthy granola bars, apples, nut butters, combine a homemade healthy nut snack- almonds, walnuts, cashews at home to bring on the road. You might enjoy them before dinner even so you won’t choose the high calorie option. Remember nobody really cares what you’re eating or drinking they are more concerned with themselves. Typically when you order something lighter or choose no alcohol and they have a response it is coming from an insecurity of theirs.

4. Meditate or journal- In Ayurveda traveling is the #1 thing that throws off the vata dosha. When you travel you tend to get more scattered, anxious, and out of sorts. If this is happening to you make sure you spend time even if it’s just a minute in the morning when you wake up grounding down by meditating or writing a quick sentence or two in a journal to reflect what you want to see happen today from your trip. A lot of the top CEO’s take the time to take care of themselves so don’t consider any habit beneath you or too silly to embark on. These are the habits that build you up to the next level in your career.

5. Routines- Even while traveling trying to maintain a routine of what time you get up, if you workout, what time you eat the more your body will thank you. Having routines help ground the scattered energy that can come with travel in the mind and keep your digestion on track in your body. The more you can keep the big rocks in your life the same on the road the easier travel will become on your body.

6. Grounding Foods- The last tip is to enjoy cooked vegetables, quinoa or rice as your carbohydrates of choice, if you do eat meat chicken or salmon are the best options on the road. You want the easier to digest foods on the road and if you know you’re digestion tends to get a little overwhelmed when traveling taking triphala with you. That is an Ayurvedic herb that can help keep things moving even on the road.


Once more choose the tips that make the most sense to you on certain business trips. Not every trip is the same but all of these tips will help you stay in balance in your body. The more we can live an aligned life the healthier your life will be overall.

Do you have any business travel tips? Let us know in the comments below!


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