Basketball Inspired Workout


A huge part of my youth and 20’s was spent either playing or coaching basketball.  One thing I have learned from playing and coaching is you get to be in phenomenal shape.  Some people only like to play sports to workout because it is more fun for them.  Others prefer to not spend hours on the treadmill because their knees are not what they used to be from all the years of playing sports.  So what is someone to do when they want to play a team sport but either don’t have the opportunity to do so?  Here is a great basketball inspired workout to help motivate you to get back in the game!


Basketball Inspired Workout

Repeat 1-3 times

  1. Side Shuffles–  This is where you shuffle between two cones or lines staying low in a squat position.  Move as fast as you can.  Note you don’t have to touch your hand to the ground, your foot is fine. 
  2. Push-ups- Most people know how to do a push-up just remember to touch your chest to a tennis ball on the ground & push yourself back up. 
  3. Wall Taps- Jump upwards to the top of a doorway as you are trying to hit a certain mark.  Quick hops up and down will not only get your heart rate up but work those legs. 
  4. Wall Sit- Lean your back against the wall and legs bent at 90 degrees and hold up to 1 minute. 
  5. Spiderman Crawls- March the hands out in front of the shoulders as you bring one foot up to arm pit.  Then walk the other foot forwards as you slide upwards.  
  6. Killers- Find 4 sets of lines to run between or walk quickly between if your not a runner anymore.  You will run to the first line then run back to your starting point.  Then run to the second line & back to starting point, then 3rd line & starting point and finish with your 4th line and run back to the start.  Repeat this pattern 1-5 times if you wish. 
  7. Walking Lunges- Perform a lunge making sure you knee doesn’t go past the toe & walk the other foot in front.  Keep walking forwards making sure you hit the 90 degree mark with both legs.
  8. Speedy Feet to Burpees- Moving your arms back and forth, start moving your feet staying on your toes every 5 seconds perform a burpee dropping your chest to the ground and then jump your feet to your hands & jump back up to your toes.  Perform speedy feet again for 5 seconds then back to burpees.
  9. Tabletop Crunches- Lying on back legs in tabletop crunch upwards working abs & slowly lower back down.
  10. Plank- Hold body in plank position on forearms & toes.  Squeeze your glutes & hold 20 seconds-1 minute.


*Repeat round 1 of each exercise for 20 reps, repeat round 2 for 15 reps and finish round 3 with 10 reps

  1. Jump Squats- Squat low & jump upwards to toes & end back in squat form. 
  2. Plyo-Push-ups-  In push-up position perform push-up down on your up position push body upwards into air clap if you want and repeat another push-up. 
  3. Split Jumps- In a lunge position jump up & switch other leg in front.  Trying to stay low keep alternating legs into lunge position.

You can do this workout if you want to harness your inner athlete once again.  Though after doing the workout you might remember your glory days slightly differently and realize your current workouts are suiting you just fine.  If you were an athlete you will remember the practices where coach was having a rough day and you ran and ran and ran.  So if you need that extra push think about hiring a trainer they will give you that extra umph when you think you have hit your last leg.  Good luck and have fun with the basketball inspired workout!

If you want to train like an athlete the above workout is a great start. If you want to workout according to your body check I have a freebie that you can learn more about here. 


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