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Ayurvedic Winter Tips


Winter is right around the corner and according to Ayurveda you want to start prepping your body for the winter season now. There are many ways to do so and below are some of the top ways Ayurvedically speaking.

  • Keep your agni high– agni is digestion so you want to make sure you are eating warm, moist foods that are easier to digest.
  • Sip on warm tea or water throughout the day– this helps keep the body warm
  • Take a warm bath
  • Go to bed between 9-10pm
  • Dress in layers
  • Avoid raw & cold foods-
  • Give yourself a massage every morning
  • Be a homebody
  • Enjoy golden milk before bed
  • Intense workouts can be performed think HIIT & vinyasa yoga

Start with whatever feels the best for you in the winter season.


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