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14 Day Health Challenge


Do you want to do a 14 day health challenge that not only helps you physically but mentally as well?  Get daily email prompts for the next 14 days that are short & sweet.

This challenge is meant for you to: 

  • Have fun
  • Enjoy new experiences
  • Find a workout routine you love
  • Set some new habits in place
  • Try yoga or continue your yoga practice
  • Show you 10 minute workouts are great
  • Teach you why making time for you is so important everyday

Each day for the next 14 days there is a daily challenge meant to help you enjoy life, relieve stress and schedule some me time back into your life.  Everyone is always go, go, go nowadays they don’t stop and smell the roses.  So this challenge is meant to make you slow down, enjoy life and do it with a community of like minded women who want to experience the same results.


Join us here to get started today with the challenge!



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