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10 Minute Vata Yoga Practice


Learn how to train for your dosha. Below is a 10 minute vata yoga practice you can also find a full video vata yoga workout here.

Below is a little background on the vata dosha:

  • Force of the wind – king of all doshas 
  • Air/Wind elements associated with vata
  • The energy of movement
  • Vata sets the rhythm for the body 
  • Fall/early winter season

Common Vata Traits:


  • Vatas tend to eat erratically & skip meals
  • Vatas tend to bloat 
  • Feel malnourished/always hungry
  • Vatas tend towards dehydration & constipation 
  • In Fall/early winter choose foods that have warmth & moisturize the body
  • One pot meals good for digestion
  • Spices- cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, black pepper, cumin, basil, & mustard seeds pacify vata
  • Favor- Marinated salads, Fermented foods, 1 pot meals


  • Sleep issues
  • Feeling of exhaustion 
  • Cracking Joints 


  • Thrive on routine
  • Nourish the body 3x a day at the same time creates grounding in body & mental direction.
  • Need more nuts, seeds, oils to balance the lightness of body & more spices due to cold nature of their system 
  • In general food should be taken warm, oily, spiced 
  • Daily hot baths or external oil  massage help them feel nourished in the depth of their soul. 
  • Early to bed

How to find if vata is off?

Look into routines- What is unstable in your life? Ex.-Bedtime inconsistent, meditation practice inconsistent, sporadic meals

Workouts for the vata dosha 

  • Light cardio & yoga over high intensity activities

General Practices

  • Dress in layers- vatas tend to get cold
  • 5 Minutes of sitting in quiet in morning & evening
  • Eat on a schedule
  • Routines, routines, routines
  • Favor warming spices to aid in digestion & keep you warm all day long

Looking for more about each dosha or to find out which dosha you are, check out the find your dosha quiz for even more vata, pitta & kapha information!


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