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Does working out seem like a drag sometime? Well I’m all about making workout out fun again.  There is no problem with making a game out of your workout.  Today I wanted to include some unconventional ways to workout.  You don’t always need to count reps to have a good workout.  Below are a few videos along with game ideas to give your next workout a more playful feeling.

Popsicle stick workout:

Purchase a batch of popsicle sticks I like to use 25-50 sticks.  If your working out in a group choose 50.  If your solo decide on how much you want to work today.  On each stick write down the name of an exercise move & a number of reps.  For instance- Mountain Climbers- 30x, Pushups- 10x, Frogger Jumps- 15x, Jumping Jacks- 50x.  You can repeat moves and change the reps if you don’t have 25 different exercise ideas.  Decide if you want to use equipment when you play this game or if you want to just use your body weight.  Next you will put the sticks into a cup and start drawing a stick out and performing the move.

Card Game:

This game you will need a deck of cards, you will then label each card suit with a certain move.

Diamonds- Squats

Clubs- Reverse lunges

Spades- Tricep Pushups

Hearts- Burpees

Then you will draw one card and perform the exercise to the number on the card suit.  Face cards are high and Ace is low.  So you can decide what numbers those will equate to.

Pump up the time:

The Dice Game

Let me know your favorite way to mix up your fitness routine in the comments below.

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