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Two Turtle Doves Workout & Movie Review


Movie: Two Turtle Doves

Background on the movie

The preview for this movie looked delightful, and I love the leading actress Nikki Deloach whom much like Jill Wagner can really carry a film.

It starts out as a doctor who was raised by her grandmother comes back to her small town to help care for her grandmothers estate and finalize all of the things that need to be taken care of. The grandmother left an audio recording of her wishes for Sharon to perform the 12 days of Christmas events to see if this town would be right for her to live in and she would know after the 12 days if she would live in that town. Sharon who is a type A personality from the big city (New York) is more about checking things off her to do list than feeling her feelings.

The relationship between the two main characters is evolving like a natural relationship would and doesn’t feel forced or rushed even though there is a 12 day parameter on the movie.

Favorite line of the movie:

What I wanted changed. So my life plans changed.

I loved the advice that Sam the main character had for Sharon. Telling her that he loved the fast pace of the big city but when life changed so did his goals. Sharon shared her insight as when her mother died she saw her grandmother go back to school, open a therapist office in town and go for her dreams which helped show Sharon how to move on and still go for your dreams after loss.

This movie keeps unfolding into such a special movie. How they deal with the realness of grief, how people hold onto things, forget things, and the longing for what was and could have been. The daughter who doesn’t think it’s okay to get sad because she misses her mom because her dad doesn’t seem to get sad. That was such a touching moment.

The leading character finds herself dealing with -should she move out of the big city and follow her heart and leave her career aspirations behind? It was such a great ending and character development throughout the two hour movie. Highly recommend.

What worked?

The task of doing the 12 days of Christmas events I think was such a great concept for a movie. I look forward to creating my own 12 days of Christmas after watching this movie. Another area that worked was the way they show the actors dealing with grief through the holidays, I think it was a beautifully done. Finally the character development was well thought out and the idea of having it all but maybe not in the way you were expecting.

What didn’t work?

💁🏼 nothing

3 Takeaways

  1. After watching this movie I would like to create a 12 days of Christmas tradition for my family.
  2. I loved that they showed a strong type A woman in a Hallmark movie as I think many can relate to Sharon’s go go go check all the boxes personality.
  3. This movie dealt with grief in such an honest & real way.

The Official Review

The Workout

The Videos to demonstrate

High plank T-spine roll to yogi squat to stand

Single leg squat to side lunge

High Plank Knee Drive to Glute Raise

Mountain Climber to Pushup 



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