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87: Malisa Lieser on Marketing & the Natural Food and Body Care Industry


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I chat with Malisa Lieser about body care and how to eat a little healthier.


Malisa was first introduced to me from a former podcast guest Amanda Beilke. Malisa and I chatted all about how to get young kids and adults to eat healthy snacks in our on the go world. We also chatted about how to keep your family safe with proper beauty care products. Malisa teaches how to make your own products or how to find the brands you trust.

Background on Malisa Lieser

Malisa Lieser is a multi-passionate working mom of two young children. By day, she works in B2B marketing to pay the bills, but her heart is in helping busy families make dinners stress-free through real food meal planning. She lives her hippie life by making her own personal care items, brewing kombucha, and composting, but will never turn down a fresh donut or iced coffee.

Connect with Malisa

Topics Discussed

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Healthy Eating with Picky Toddlers
  • Snacks for Pre-teens & Teens
  • Healthy Meal Planning for Families
  • Body Care Industry how to make your own products
  • Body Care Industry foods & brands to trust

Malisa’s Weekly Challenge

Download think dirty app & check products at home & plan 2 new recipes you haven’t tried before


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