70: Finding your fitness persona

Idea Fitness Journal- Coaching your fitness clients: Inside out by Margaret Moore MBA 

The executive manager 
  • The inner organizer, the planner, to do list, schedules, and keeping the team on track
  • Exhausted
  • Doesn’t exercise after dinner b/c to exhausted can’t do mornings b/c exhausted
The standard setter
  • Setting ambitious goals, standard setter
  • Self-esteem tied to am I blank enough to xyzzy?
  • Wants to fit in & have respect
  • Is annoyed that you can’t keep up with your friends and internally has a battle of I’m not good enough
  • Authentic, free to make our own choices, march to the beat of our own drum, master of self-interest.
  • Prone to rebelling especially to those that don’t “get” us.
  • Inner voice- I’m just not someone who exercises like my friends I hate lifting weights, I would rather watch a movie on the couch
  • Strong, competent- you can do it your standard setter says- confidence thinks no I can’t.
  • Lots of self-doubt and inner play with I’m not good enough but my internal standard setter says I need to be.
  • Typically hasn’t figured out how to balance their health into their families lives to not take away time from others.
The Body Regulator 
  • All about fitness, health & balance. The body regulator has it all figured out if only someone would listen to it’s body intelligence.
  • Juggling standard setter saying just start slowly but then confidence says that’s not good enough, autonomy comes to play and says no these are all wrong just go sit on the couch. Confusion sets in and the couch looks more inviting.
The Adventurer 
  • Loves novelty, change & adventure everything is a possibility with an open mind
  • Fun fact curiosity peaks at age 30
  • Curiosity will be the motivator for someone looking for new adventures. What sounds good? What would be a good time?
The Relational Life Force
  • Lives to serve others and puts everyone else first
  • No time to take care of myself as I’m helping 5 other people right now.
The Creative Life Force
  • Loves fun & pleasure in particular being creative & generative.
  • Loves to bake to fulfill creative force which develops into poor habits.
  • If this area is left untapped for exercise ideas they are leaving a lot on the table as the creative side will have ideas of what your body wants.
The Meaning Maker
  • Tune into what things mean & what purpose they serve zooming into a small amount of larger life experiences.
  • Inner coach listening to all of your inner chatter with each voice you hear.


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