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66: You don’t have a food issue?


Let’s start with a story:

I ordered a salad at True Kitchen and the first response I got from my friend’s boyfriend was whats your food issue? I looked at him quizzically and said what do you mean? He said I saw you eat a fun size bag of M&M’s at my apartment but now you ordered a salad. Seems counterintuitive. I told him I wanted M&M’s so I had them. I want a salad now with a glass of wine so I’m having it. I try to have a balanced approach to my nutrition. He said are you gluten free, vegetarian, non-dairy, off sugar? There has to be something. I laughed and said nope. I just am conscious of what makes me feel good.

That interaction got me thinking is this common? Does everyone have a food issue? I think we all have different ideas of what our nutrition should look like but does that mean we are all obsessed with what we put in our bodies? I don’t have the answer as I thought this was an interesting discussion to explore. Why if we find a balanced approach to what we eat be looked upon like we are doing something weird?

How did I get here?

I personally don’t prescribe to any one method. If anything I have been eating more on the Ayurveda trend. Early, lighter dinners, fresh foods, eat in season, minimal snacking. That is what I’ve found feels good for me.
-I love ice cream in the summer but my stomach doesn’t
-I didn’t realize how bad I felt until I stopped to pay attention what am I feeling right after eating
I think food is such a personal issue that there is no one “right” way for everyone to follow or eat like. We all have different gut health, past history with food, possible pregnancy, or illness that can change your relationship with food & gut health. I think most people will feel better if they eat fresh foods and stick to less processed ones. The main thing I want women to do is slow down enough to notice how do I feel.

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