65: Ali Reti on progress over perfection


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast I’m your host Andrea Claassen. Today I will be talking with Ali Reti of Progress over Perfection podcast.


Ali and I chatted women’s fitness in particular the progress over perfection movement. Ali feels strongly that making progress is better than being perfect no matter what you’re doing. When we are trying to make health changes we sometimes forget starting is better than having everything being perfect. We don’t need to fall victim into the all or nothing mentality.


Through her parent’s entrepreneurial successes and failures, Ali learned first-hand that the best way to make a living is by first making a genuine life. For her, the center of that genuine life is wellness education and fitness services. Ali’s professional experiences over the past 10 years have reinforced her commitment to progressing in life highlighting wellness and fitness—she loves it, she’s good at it, and most importantly, she’s seen it help people and change lives, time and time again. Around the world, and in-person in Boulder, CO, RetiFit clients are empowered by the companies results-oriented commitment to be a catalyst for worldwide social change and individual healthy behavior change. Join us as we create a new standard in wellness and fitness focused on progress over perfection.

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Topics Discussed

  • How she came into finding her own progress vs. perfection mentality
  • Ali breaks down cheat meals
  • How to break the all or nothing attitude in the fitness field
  • How do women get rid of the scale obsession
  • Rest days
  • How to make lasting behavior challenges
  • Why retreats are great for connecting with other like minded women

Ali’s Weekly Challenge

Whether it is your workout or nutrition ask yourself what do you really want.

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