63: What Makes a Good Workout


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast I’m your host Andrea Claassen and today I’m going to break down what makes a good workout.

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Onto the topic of the day what makes a good workout? There are so many workout ideas and inspiration out there. How do you know what is a “good” workout vs. a fad in the industry? First lets define what a good workout means. To me that means something you’re going to do on a consistent basis and enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy your workout you will probably skip it. Let’s also think about what a workout is verse what exercise is. When we think workout we think going to a gym typically. Sometimes we think about lifting weights, cardio or going to a class. Exercise on the other hand I consider to be more movement based. Meaning going for a walk, vacuuming, cleaning the house, daily activities.

I personally think movement throughout your day is what we need to achieve results. If the gym is not your thing don’t do it. You can get results by being active daily. I have seen this with a husband and wife duo I trained. They wanted to workout everyday for just 10 minutes. I didn’t know how it would go to get results but it turned out they both dropped over 20 pounds in 3 months. That was my first lesson there is no set path. They hadn’t been working out or really living an active lifestyle before so just adding 10 minutes a day had them seeing results.

I love to start the day with 20 minutes of movement. The movement can be yoga, going for a walk, or your actual workout. That way you have started the day off on the right foot. In case the day gets crazy and you can’t find the time to sneak in more activity later in your day you have achieved at least 20 minutes. Once it gets nicer outside I will incorporate an evening walk into my day with my son as well. I have changed my approach to how I look at movement. I look for opportunities to engage with it and not shy away from it.

My personal fitness philosophy – Lift heavy. I’m a big fan of lifting as heavy as you can. You will start to see muscle definition, burn more calories at rest. I also enjoy incorporating HIIT workouts 10-15 minutes total. The last thing I’m a fan of is yoga. This is a way to take care of you and slow down. When you look at your routine you want to have a balance of cardio, muscular, and flexibility.

Let me know what you’re favorite workout routine is that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning over on instagram @andreaclaassen21


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