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51: Sheri Homayoon on the benefits of personal development



Sheri a Holistic Health Entrepreneur and Lifestyle Coach who empowers people to live their most extraordinary life by developing an extraordinary mindset. I hold a bachelors in community health and have always been drawn to the understanding of why we do what we do. I have overcome tremendous adversity and have seen the conversations of the ego mind. My goal is to now bring awareness to more people who are conversing with their fear instead of love. My mission is to inspire people to not die with their music still inside of them. I have a deep desire to reach people and show them that they are not alone. I teach healing for the mind, body, and soul for both men and women.


  • Can you tell us a little about your background?
  • What got you interested in the journey to discovering more about yourself?
  • I love that you talk about your mind as being able to heal the body. I believe this as well. Can you tell me more about how you teach people this is possible?
  • What tools have you found to help you become more self-aware?
  • I saw on your website you talk about reclaiming your goddess. Again something I love can you tell us why that is such an important mission for you?
  • Can we talk ego what are the in’s & outs of ego and how it plays out in our lives for good & bad that you have seen especially with lady bosses?
  • Can we talk about anxiety & depression. I know this can be a silent topic that women don’t always discuss openly. I know this is a topic you enjoy educating people about what takeaways can you give for women who might silently be battling anxiety or depression?
  • Is yoga and meditation something you practice yourself? It seems to fit with your message?
  • What do you like to read or who do you like to follow for inspiration to better  teach others?
  • I know your offering a 15 minute coaching session to the listeners can you tell us more about that & where to find that at?
  • Where can we connect with you at?
  • What does Peaceful Power mean to you?
  • What weekly challenge would you like to give the listeners?

Weekly Challenge

Pick up a book for some personal development at least 10 minutes a day and start to see the divine in others. 

Where to connect with Sheri

Website- www.sheriazhomayoon.com

Facebook- www.facebook.com/sheri.homayoon Sheri does live videos every morning at 8:30am EST on her facebook page.

Instagram- @SheriAZHomayoon


Books & people discussed on the show


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