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222: Ayurvedic approach to pregnancy


October on the podcast our theme is pre/postpartum health. This is an area I focus on as a trainer and Ayurvedic wellness counselor. I know for my pregnancy with my son whose 3.5 years old wasn’t planned as 50% of all pregnancies are. I know I’ve finally moved into the possibility of having another child and will be following all of the tips I share on today’s podcast over the next few months to better prepare my body for pregnancy and postpartum healing period.

I have numerous guests on this month ranging from fitness professional, Ayurvedic postpartum doula, RN/doula, and a dietician. A little something for everyone ranging from preconception through postpartum time.

How are you doing? What does your body need?

Seasonal Saturday

Month 1


  • Sattvic, sweet, cool, water foods
  • Plant based diet
  • Organic
  • Drink plain, whole, organic milk warm & spiced
  • Take ghee with milk boiled with herbs- salparni, palasha


  • Daily exercise including- stretching, gentle aerobic exercise
  • Strength training several times a week
  • Stress reducing practices


  • Resume workouts as normal- intensity can stay higher


  • Pregnancy is a time of heightened intuition
  • Take time to do the following
  • Take quiet time every day and set an intention to receive the information you need
  • Listen to the cues in your body, especially your stomach/gut & heart
  • Open your mind to the information that comes whatever it may be

Sweet Dreams Mama

  • Warm-spiced milk- warm 1 cup of milk of your choice add a pinch of cardamom and turmeric and drizzle in honey or maple syrup
  • Sandalwood essential oil- Place this essential oil in a diffuser or a drop on your palms or rub onto pillow case
  • Warm sesame oil- massage onto your soles of feet to promote sound sleep. You may want to put socks on to prevent oil stains or slipping.
  • Herbal pillows– Place a satchel of lavender flowers under pillow or have a bouquet of fresh lavenders by the beside can also use Blue Moon Essential Oil-Lavender
  • Keep a dream journal- notice if any themes come up such as active, intensity, problem solving, teaching, or romance, desires, attachment. Let Andrea know and they are all associated with a dosha and we can find different ways to balance that dosha,


  • Sit in meditation and make your exhale longer than your inhale

Month 2- (5-8 weeks)

Baby Info

  • Taste buds form, smell receptors form, touch receptors develop, heartbeat begins


  • Progesterone supporting foods- walnuts, pumpkin seeds, bananas, cruciferous vegetables, potatoes, pumpkin beans, chickpeas, lean meat, shellfish
  • Foods supporting dhatu formation
  • Rasa: Milk with sweet herbs
  • Rakta: Foods rich in folate, iron, B12
  • Mamsa: protein rich foods


  • Daily activity & exercise
  • Morning & afternoon stretching
  • Daily walking
  • Balancing activity with rest – 4:1 ratio rest to activity


  • Resume workouts as normal- intensity can stay higher

2nd Month Pregnancy Exercises

Part 1

  • Write down all of your fears and anxieties in your mind right now.

Part 2

  • After you write down all of your fears either rip up the paper, or burn the paper.
  • Shitali pranayama- Curl your tongue and breathe out through your tongue as a cooling breath.
  • Listen to meditation that Andrea recorded Month 3- (9-13 weeks)

Baby Info

  • Sense organs are well on their way to formation
  • Placenta takes over hormone formation
  • Fetus protected in amniotic sac
  • Desires of fetus may be seen as cravings of the mother


  • Diet continues as listed in month 2 for dhatu formation
  • Mineral rich/alkaline diet will support mother & child’s bones


  • Follow healthy eating guidelines use herbs and spices to aid digestion
  • Follow liver supporting protocols
  • Maintain daily exercise
  • Begin pelvic floor exercises
  • For mind- spend time in nature


  • Continue with regular exercise program

Mindfulness practices

  • Inhale through your nose exhale out your mouth -12 deep breaths

End of 1st Trimester

Month 4- (14-17 weeks)

Baby Info.

  • Rapid fetal growth
  • Hard bones begin to develop
  • Fetal heart is circulating blood
  • Fetal heart rate nearly double the mothers
  • Placenta provides hormones & nourishment to fetus

Mother Impact

  • Mothers’ body shifts from stabilizing the pregnancy to nurturing uterine bed, strengthening uterine muscles & providing nourishment to the fetus.
  • Mother begins gaining weight (60% this trimester)
  • Energy surge as placenta takes over hormone production
  • Appetite should increase & morning sickness subsides.


  • Milk cooked with sweet rasa herbs & added ghee, honey & fresh butter
  • Increase fiber intake
  • Essential fatty acids taken in foods- seafood, nuts, seeds
  • Dairy, Meat, fruit & iron rich foods 


  • Conserve increased energy as much as possible
  • Daily time in silence & introspection


  • Start training more glutes
  • Start training more backbody exercises
  • Pelvic floor strengthening
  • Chest opening
  • Walking

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