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213: Shannon Schottler- Become a Student of Yourself


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I chat with Shannon Schottler on the cycle of renewal phases.


Shannon is someone I’ve known for 3.5 years now and have seen her transform her life. When we first met she was employed at Target and now she runs her own business empowering other women who want to do the same. Shannon is one of my favorite to follow on Instagram as she provides so much value and information you truly can learn from.

Where to connect with Shannon  

Link to book a call with Shannon-

Topics Discussed

  • Cycle of Renewal Phases–
    1. Doldrums
    2. Cocooning
    3. Getting Ready
    4. Go For It
  • Type A personality reflections
  • Become more in-tune with yourself


Weekly Challenge:

Find 15 minutes for a reflective practice what am I doing well that I want to acknowledge and what could I be doing better?

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