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201: Kelsey Kinnemeyer on Learning How To Plan



I have been working with Kelsey for the past year on her Trellis & the Zine monthly publication. I’ve been a guest contributor and have loved her organization and eye for detail. Kelsey shares her ideas on how to build a planner, how to schedule your life, business and goals & how she manages multiple projects at the same time.

Background on Kelsey

Kelsey’s personal drive to is to HELP. Wether that’s helping individuals heal and grow to shift the collective conscious. Or helping healers, creatives or anyone following their heart to walk alongside of them, be a sounding board, a witness and someone who can help hold accountable and work through mental/emotional/energetic blocks that keeps us from doing the work we’re passionate about everyday.


Connect with Kelsey

Topics Discussed

  • How to practically plan
  • Using a planner to help you live a more aligned life
  • How to discover your passion
  • How to step into your passion if you’re fearful
  • How Kelsey manages her multiple projects, traveling and life

Weekly Challenge:

If there were no barriers to your goals & you could have everything in your life how would you create it?

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