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199: Erin Duffy Osswald- Earth Medicine Magick


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I chat with Erin Duffy Osswald all about how to connect back to earth medicine magick in today’s world.


Erin is someone I’ve been following on Instagram for a few years and just love her message and the work she is doing in our world. She is helping women remember their ancestral ways and wisdom by connecting back to ourselves through magick in the mundane. We talk about the wheel of the year, urban homesteading, moon gardening, and working with the magic of the moon.

Background on Erin

Erin Duffy Osswald is a certified Earth Medicine Practitioner who writes about reclaiming ancestral ways, including gardening methods at her blog, The Telling of the Bees. As an urban homesteader of over two decades, she’s honed her wisdom through electing by the moon along the way.
In her healing work at Wild Rose Earth Medicine Practice, Erin specializes in utilizing shamanic techniques. She teaches women seeking to reclaim their birthright of natural wisdom how to synergize moon medicine and altar devotion as they heal and grow into lives of conscious creation.


Connect with Erin

  • What earth medicine is and how to practice it
  • How to live with the moon
  • Moon gardening
  • The magick of the mundane
  • Urban Homesteading
  • What the wheel of the year is
  • Her upcoming kitchen magick course

Weekly Challenge:

Get outside & explore the elements. Such as the ground beneath your feet, the wind blowing at your face, the sun and moon.

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