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197: Dr. Cassie Wilder On Treating The Root Cause


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I chat with Dr. Cassie Wilderon finding the root cause.


Dr. Cassie Wilder is a local functional medicine doctor in Minneapolis. They just reopened a new practice in Northeast Minneapolis. I heard Dr. Wilder on my friend Lindsey Heiserman podcast- Mind Muscle & Movement podcast. You can find my interview with Lindsey on episode 62 of the Peaceful Power Podcast. I think you will learn a wonderful new take on your health philosophy and a new way to look at the healthcare system as a whole.

Background on Dr. Cassie Wilder

Dr. Cassie Wilder is a functional medicine doctor and founder of Minneapolis Integrative Medicine Center located in Northeast Minneapolis. She is an expert in helping men and women look and feel their best by taking the time to listen to them and uncover the root cause of their concerns. From PMS to IBS, and acne to anxiety, Dr. Wilder can help you optimize your biochemistry, plan out a healthy plate, and utilize the best of natural medicine to get your health back on track.


Connect with Dr. Wilder

  • What is a functional medicine doctor
  • What ailments are functional medicine doctors able to treat?
  • What is the best way to detox your liver?
  • Ways to handle anxiety
  • How to know what supplements to take
  • How are gut and brain health are connected
  • Her thoughts on birth control

Weekly Challenge:

Get in 30 minutes of movement everyday this week.

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