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183: Cassandra Shuck -Labor of Love


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I chat with Cassandra Shuck on how she runs 3 businesses and is a new momma.



Cassandra and I met last year after we were in the same mastermind together. We hit it off about the books we brought for the book exchange. She brought a book all about crystals and I brought Women who run with the wolves. Neither ended up with those books at the end of the night so we decided to mail each other our books to great success! I love her energetic awareness around what her boundaries are and how she presents herself to the world. I know you will learn so much from this amazing powerhouse.

Background on Cassandra

Cassandra Shuck is the Brand + Business Doula; a transformation branding and business coach empowering women to live the lives and build the dreams they are capable of. She is the founder of Tola Marketing, a creative, digital marketing agency for the contemporary entrepreneurial woman, the co-founder of Milkin’ Cookie, a lactation support cookie company for breastfeeding + pumping mamas, a real-life doula, and host of the Labor of Love Podcast. She has been featured in CEO Blog Nation, AdAge and Hearpreneur.
Cassandra’s love and expertise for finding creative and intuitive solutions have led her to build and grow eight successful businesses, along with helping hundreds of female entrepreneurs across the globe start and build their own in the process.
She currently runs her businesses from home in North Carolina in between raising her 1-year-old daughter Diana.
To learn more about Cassandra and her incredible story, go to

Connect with Cassandra

  • How becoming a mom helped her start another business
  • Managing 3 businesses and being a new momma
  • How to start a business if you feel called to
  • When to expand your business
  • Should you niche down

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