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171: Why Being Creative Helps You Open New Doors


Today on the podcast I’m chatting all about how to be creative to open new doors in your life

Right now I’ve been on my social media detox for one month. It hasn’t always been easy but I’ve noticed a few things. I’m so glad I started reading the Artist Way before I went on the detox. That has helped me really explore my creative side. Below is a list of things that have come about since starting The Artist Way/going on my social media detox.

  • I signed up for a level 1 Qoya training
  • I designed a 5 elements yoga class
  • I bought a book to practice drawing in
  • I’m doing more art projects with Jalen
  • I quit social media
  • I decided to revamp my Hustle, Muscle & Flow program and make a 2.0 version
  • I’m teaching a new HIIT, Dance & Yin Yoga class that I created at a studio
  • I was asked to be a wellness contributor to Trellis & Zine
  • Brought back writing blog posts
  • Created new healing salves
  • Am doing a monthly herb project

These are all things I did not set out with the intention of creating or building but have come because I’ve taken the time to really explore what I want to do instead of being on social media all day. Now it’s not been all fun and games as the first few weeks I felt lost and really didn’t know what to do with my time. I just found myself constantly going to the news sites and refreshing to see what new news happened. I ended up needing to block the news from my chrome browser so I wouldn’t click on those websites anymore out of boredom or habit.

So much of what we do in our tech behavior is out of habit. We just click on an app, pull open a website without even realizing what we are doing. We might listen to a thousand podcasts and never retain a thing said because we listen to 5-8 a day. I’m saying that because I used to do that and still do on the occasional day. I have brought my bad habits to the surface during this break it’s been wonderful and hard at the same time. I was going to quit the break at the end of the year but I might take it into the new year. The space from needing to be on at all times or feeling that way really makes me get to live my life again. My friends will text or call or email when they want to hear from me now. It is a new experience and one I look forward to exploring more how I can change my life and still run a business and be successful balancing both.

We will be off for the next two weeks on the podcast but will be back with a solo show to start the new year on January 8th. So when you spend time with your family this year really be present and notice if you want to post because you want to brag, or show people what you’re up to or if you want to genuinely share. That’s something else that has been coming up is around why do I feel the need to share constant photos and stories of my life. It might be something for you to ponder as well.

Weekly Challenge:

Notice what you need to do to be more creative in your life. Sign-up for a class, learn about the herb, workout, food item you’ve been wanting to know more about or read that new book. Start to unleash your hidden creative powers.


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