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148: Kristina Kubicek on Life After Setbacks


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I chat with my roommate from the Bliss Project Kristina Kubicek.



Kristina and I didn’t know each other until we met in Newport Beach this past March for Lori Harder’s Bliss Project event (which I highly recommend). We were both volunteers at the event so really got to spend time together and I found her story to be so inspiring. She had a motorcycle injury at the age of 23 that almost left her with an artificial leg. She talks about her long road to recovery and how almost 18 years later she really has recovered and is living a life of joy & inspiration.

Background on Kristina Kubicek

Kristina Kubicek is a health coach who works with people one on one teaching them the skills and tools so they can live their healthiest & happiest life. Kristina has a delicious, holiday cook book that is sold on Amazon, she creates and builds kitchen &pantry makeovers, meal plans, recipes, and shows you first hand on her You Tube channel. Kristina’s approach to good health doesn’t only come from eating good, real food, but she believes every area of your life should be involved. Our health and happiness is a combination of every aspect of our lives.

Connect with Kristina

Topics Discussed

  • Her motorcycle accident at the age of 23
  • How she eats by herself and goes to restaurants solo and how you can to
  • How she left her full-time job to start her own business
  • Removing sugar from your diet
  • #1 nutrition tip for the busy women


Weekly Challenge:

Eat or drink greens everyday this week. Ideally right away in the morning so you won’t forget to include it later in your day.

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