119: The False Stories We Tell Ourselves


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I’m doing a solo show to wrap up 2017 all about the False Stories we Tell Ourselves.

Today if your listening to it on the 21st of December and the Winter Solistice. This is the perfect day to mark the scared time. It’s also the darkest day of the year. How can you do that today?

  • Cultivate the quietness
  • Foot massge
  • Journal
  • Dance
  • Candlight
  • Chanting or singing
  • Great time to go inwards

Another quick note for the podcast in 2018 I have a few changes on the horizon. All positive I expect. First there will be no show next week I’m taking the last week off from work as well as the first week in January. I’m actually going to be attending Sarah Jenks Wise Woman of Winter Retreat and cannot wait to experience the magic. I will share my experience on a solo show in January.

Podcast shake-up for 2018

Next year I’m going to be doing one show a week. An interview on a bi-weekly rotation that is around 30-40 minutes followed by the next week doing a solo show under 30 minutes. I will also have a theme to each month. January will be a mindset theme and I already have some amazing guests lined up to speak!  February we will chat Ayurveda and in March I’m bringing on women or men to chat about movement. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback on the new format. You can always join our Facebook group.


Onto today’s topic the false stories we tell ourselves. This can be such a tricky topic as we tell ourselves a story or have a thought that sometimes isn’t very true. We think because someone unfollowed us from Instagram we are a failure or the other person didn’t like what we were putting out into the world. When really it could have been and probably was there own stuff coming up that’s why they acted on the unfollow in the first place.

How about another story we tell ourselves we look in the mirror and say wow I look horrible. When really you don’t and no one else thinks that we just are our harshest critics. Another story we tell ourselves I can’t believe I ate all of the bag of brownie brittle I have to workout for at least 3 hours to burn the calories. When in actuality you don’t you just need to continue with your regular scheduled program and just adapt your eating the following meal. We don’t need to over stress ourselves over things we really don’t need to make into major deals. Really slow down today and listen to the stories or words you use to talk about yourself throughout your day. Are you speaking kindly to yourself? Are you saying a similar story all day long? Or are you saying multiple stories that you need to reverse?

Journaling Questions 

  1. What story are you telling yourself that is no longer serving you?
  2. Are you living in the past, present, & future? Why do you feel this way?
  3. Now craft your new story. Write down the elements you want to focus on in your new story. Write down tastes, smell, how it feels on your skin, what you see. Be as visual & descriptive as possible to help kick those false stories to the curb.

Weekly Challenge:

Journal today what your false stories are and craft your new story.

Wrapping up

Have a wonderful holiday season & end of your year. Remember to cultivate your inner wisdom today by looking inwards and reflecting on your past year or false stories your telling yourself.

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