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112: How my yogi detox actually went


Welcome to the Peaceful Power Podcast today I’m breaking down my yogi detox sort flop.

Below is my well intentioned detox. I went in going 110% and came out whimpering with about 15% lol. I realized I might have bit off more than I could chew.

Detox Sample 

Dates: Oct. 11th-Nov. 1st

Breakfast Options: Stewed apples, oatmeal

Lunch: Kitchari, Quinoa Bowls

Dinner: Soup

Dessert: Dates, piece of dark chocolate, tsp raw honey (eat before or after meal)

**Now my detox is a bit more intense then you need to make yours as I typically do early lighter dinners already so the dinner or breakfast won’t be a challenge for me. The no snacking will be so again make it your own. But using easy to digest foods as that is our why behind the detox.

Daily Habits: 

  • Scrape my tongue every morning
  • 3 baths week with massage oil & dry brushing afterwards
  • Take an evening walk or light yoga practice after dinner
  • 1 hour of tv a day (2 hours if a good Hallmark movie is on)
  • Meditate in the morning
  • Journal in the evening
  • 15- 20 minutes of yoga in the morning
  • In bed by 9pm (sleeping by 10pm)
  • No wine or coffee
  • No phone after 7:30pm
  • Listen to podcasts only when driving in the car

***These are all habits that I want to implement into my life. Some will come a lot easier than others but I have intentionally brought all of them into my life.

Even if you are not ready for a full out detox maybe there is one habit you really want to work on such as no tv after 8pm, or only being on social media for an hour a day. Choose something that you think will expand your life and help you connect with your true self in the process.

Okay so what actually happened?

The first few days was amazing I followed it and stayed focused on what I wanted to achieve. Day 4 came around and I started to drift. I felt too much space and emptiness in my stomach and pittas & kaphas typically dislike that feeling and self sabotaged. I ate my sons animal crackers, made homemade nachos & than finished the night with a glass of wine.

I than gave in and knew I wouldn’t stick to all of my habits perfectly and decided a few strong technology habits a day and being conscious of my snacking would help. I was down at my parents house from days 9-12 and that got me off my routine a little bit but all in all better than I usually do when I’m visiting. I made oatmeal for breakfast for my dad and brother 2 of the 3 mornings. I got in workouts and technology detox is easier as I have limited cell service.

Then I really just had trouble getting back in the routine once I arrived back home. I gave up the trying to be perfect but than went to far off the wrong direction where you just eat everything because you felt deprived which doesn’t help anyone.


I loved some of the habits I formed especially around the noise I’m consuming. I always have something on typically podcasts so I really like my rule of minimizing that to when I’m in my car. I also like putting my phone away by 8pm more realistic than 7:30pm and watching only an hour of tv. As I’m one of those people who really gets my kapha dosha triggered when I watch too much tv I just want to do that all day, I also am loving my lunch from Origin meals I don’t have to devote time to thinking about what to eat. Right now at this phase in my life it’s easier to heat it over the stove than create something from scratch. I finally will do a snack when I feel like I need one. If I give myself the no you can’t have anything all I want is a snack. If I come at it from the hey it’s okay vantage point I find I don’t crave it as much. I loved everything I learned from doing the detox and will probably try another next spring but won’t be joining the yogi detox as I found I’m much more solo on my journey for a detox than group oriented where I start to compare myself to others and feel like I could/should have done more. So I will venture into the Spring with new goals and look forward to the next yogi detox challenge : )


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