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Merry & Bright Workout and Movie Review


Movie: Merry & Bright

Background on the movie

I was hoping this movie was going to be good. It looked cute, I enjoy the main actors but it just never fully clicked to be a good movie. They made the supporting characters caricatures of themselves at times. They didn’t come off as capable smart people. Another question I had was why didn’t the mother take over the company? They skipped her and went right to the granddaughter who didn’t want to take it over initially.

Another question I had was about her ex-boyfriend since college. He proposed to her a year ago she said no and he is now engaged to someone new. That happened fast!

I thought the playful banter between the two main characters worked but was missing a romantic chemistry. Overall this movie is a take it or a leave it. It’s not awful, but it’s not great.

What worked?

I thought the dog as a gift was a cute touch, I liked the candy cane factory itself and all of the fun flavors of the candy canes. The overall premise was realistic in terms of needing to save a small family owned business and bringing in a consultant to help.

What didn’t work?

The supporting characters were I think intended to be goofy but came off as caricatures of themselves. The chemistry wasn’t quite there between the two main characters they seemed to be more like friends than romantic interests.

3 Takeaways

  1. I would like to try a healthy candy cane flavor like they offered in the movie. PS-There is a great brand of candy canes at Whole Foods that have a twist in flavor to them that are delightful.
  2. If your mom is acting weird maybe investigate more as to why…
  3. The dog was adorable and stole the scenes he was in.


The Review



Workout Videos

Single leg bridge hold with single arm chest press

Goddess Squats x3 to stand 

Criss-cross crunch to lengthen 

Plank Jack to Alternate leg lift

Gate Pose with Top Leg Raise


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