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Holiday For Heroes


Movie: Holiday For Heroes

Background on the movie

We were four minutes into the movie and I was already hooked. The owner of a small town coffee shop has a brother in the military and he gave the coffee to someone in his military regime. He then wrote letter correspondents to the coffee shop owner to keep in touch & thank her for sending her the coffee. The military leading man was from Minnesota which of course I loved. Not going to lie I had a glass or two of wine, got distracted during this movie, looking at what was the most poisonous snake in the world!?! Just to have it be clickbait and never really finding the snake answer, lol.

I know there was the realtor man also interested in the leading actress but wasn’t quite on the same playing field as the military man. Who was set to leave to Virginia to teach at a local college. Turns out she wasn’t interested in the real estate guy Luke who seemed more into his hair than her.

What worked?

The idea of the military connection with writing letters and getting released from active duties to come back to officially meet the person they had been corresponding with for over a year. I think that is something believable and has happened in our country for many years.

What didn’t work?

At times it might have been a little slow as within the first 20 minutes you basically had the movie figured out and were just waiting for the rest of the movie to unfold.

3 Takeaways

  1. The leading military actor was originally from Minnesota in the movie which of course was a highlight as a fellow Minnesotan.
  2. I love a good small town coffee shop and thought this one was decorated to the nine’s and top notch service knowing everyone’s names and honored military participants.
  3. Every year the Hallmark military based movie always makes me stop and appreciate how much our military sacrifices for us in the US and their families as well. I can see the dedication, sacrifice, and honor everyone has and I want to give everyone currently serving in the military a huge thank you from my family to yours.

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