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Holiday Hearts


Movie: Holiday Hearts

Background on the movie

This movie started slow for me and never really picked up. The premise of the movie is a friend of the leading male character had a skiing accident and broke his leg so was unable to care for his daughter. His wife passed away a year ago or so and Ben is in charge of doing all of the family traditions with his friends daughter and he asks Peyton to help him take her through the traditions.

Peyton is also working on planning her families annual Christmas party. The Christmas events that Ben, Peyton & the young girl did during the movie were pretty much the standard Hallmark activities rolled into one movie. This movie could have been wrapped up in about an hour so it made it feel a little longer than it really needed to be.

I enjoy both of the lead actors but felt like they both should have been featured in other films.

What worked?

It had your cookie cutter Hallmark activities so that is what worked in the classic Hallmark movie genre.

What didn’t work?

The pacing of the movie was a little slow. I think because there are so many movies there are plots that just don’t have a lot going on and this would be one of those stories.

3 Takeaways

  1. Holiday traditions make the holidays a lot more fun!
  2. There is nothing like a Hallmark movie reuniting old high school flames again.
  3. Kids make the holidays a lot more fun.

Official Review

Official Workout


Renegade Row to bent over rows

90 Degree Bicep Curls

High Plank Triceps Extension 

Straight Arm Pullbacks

V-Raises into shoulder press


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