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Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses Workout & Review


This movie I was really looking forward to as it has one of my favorite Hallmark actresses Jill Wagner in the staring role. Let me tell you she did not disappoint.

Movie: Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses

Background on the movie

The movie started with Abbey (Jill Wagner) working at a 55 + living community and decorating their space. She was told by one of the women who worked their she had a job for her to decorate an old homestead that was being transformed into a new office space for her son. Abbey was hesitant to go in for the interview as she is a single mama and didn’t want to miss spending time with her 5 year old boy.

Abbey did decide to go in for the interview and she was prepared. She learned she was basically being passed over and it was a pity interview because the son’s mom wanted Abbey to get the job. My favorite part came when Jill stood up for herself with passion about how she could do the job and why she would be the best woman for the job. Of course she got it.

The son of the woman Abbey worked for at the 55+ community turned out to be single and Abbey and him spent time together picking out the decor for the house at an adorable antique store. Nick Sinclair played by Matthew Davis turned out to have a soft spot and was good at listening and surprised Abbey with a very cute gift that you will have to watch to discover what it was ; )

The movie finished by having the hospital ball at the newly decorated and renovated Sinclair homestead. There was another strong female character standing up for her worth and getting what she deserved moment. I won’t share how it ended but it is a Hallmark movie so you might already guess what happened.

What worked?

Everything. I enjoyed Jill Wagner (Abbey) in this role. She brings such life to the movie. I laughed aloud multiple times and found Abbey to be so endearing. I also enjoyed Nick Sinclair and his ability to run a company, employ smart women around him and realizing he needed a better work/life balance himself.

What didn’t work?

The only thing I would have loved to see more would be Abbey working at her 55+ living community. I personally love teaching group fitness at 55+ living communities so that is just me being selfish there. The only other question I had was what happened to Max (Abbey’s sons) father. They never mentioned that relationship and thought Hallmark could have stepped outside their box and done something unique there.

3 Takeaways

  1. If you want a cute movie that will make you laugh with the main actors having great chemistry watch this movie.
  2. I was impressed with not 1 but 2 strong females asking for what they wanted career wise during the movie.
  3. The antique store Abbey & Nick visit is one I would love to visit in real life. It was adorable!


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