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Christmas Under The Stars


Movie: Christmas Under The Stars

Background on the movie

The movie starts with a teacher who is also a single mama who is a foster parent and a young man losing his job in the big city. The tree farm owner sees Nick played by Jesse Metcalfe and offers him a job $1 above minimum wage to carry Christmas trees to cars and tie them down. He asked how he knew he would need a job? The tree farm owner said what man wanders around looking helpless in the middle of the weekday afternoon? Nick then runs into Julie played by Autumn Reeser entering the tree farm.

The young boy Matt works at the Christmas tree farm with Clem and him and Nick bond as do Nick & Julie. They have great chemistry and the romance unfolds as a relationship slowly would.

It turns out that Nick worked with a company that bought Julies dad’s medical debt and is trying to make her pay it even though it’s already paid off. That was the turning point in the movie what will Nick do as Julie doesn’t like to receive help from others.

I won’t spoil the ending but there is a little twist that helps bring Nick and Julie together one last time.

What worked?

The overall premise of the movie a high powered investment banker was fired and a very intuitive tree farm owner had him work for him. To not only help during his busy season but rediscover who he really is and what he wants from his life. When the Hallmark movies have a little depth to them I really enjoy them so that worked for me. I also teared up a few times with heart warming scenes with Clem and his wise self.

What didn’t work?

I loved this movie and Clem was such a special character that added a wonderful dimension to the movie.

3 Takeaways

  1. Sometimes what feels like the worst thing in the world can actually be the thing that helps you find what your true purpose is.
  2. Everyone needs a Clem in their life. An intuitive friend who is a wonderful listener.
  3. The starry winter sky and winter solstice were a theme that were tied in beautifully throughout the movie.

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