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Christmas Scavenger Hunt Workout & Review


Movie: Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Background on the movie

Going into the movie I did not have high expectations as there were many in the private Hallmark Facebook group that didn’t like it, didn’t like the leading actress and shut it off after an hour. I personally enjoyed the leading actress and didn’t mind this movie. I thought it was a clever idea using the scavenger hunt within the town to really have a strong sense of community and something everyone can look forward to doing each year. I thought the movie worked well, had all of the landmark Hallmark ideas with baking cookies, cutting down Christmas trees, decorating a Christmas tree, a small town break-up around a misunderstanding.

What worked?

I thought the premise of the movie was cute and wouldn’t mind doing a scavenger hunt myself maybe as a summer solstice idea. I also thought the leading actors had good chemistry and thought they played well off each other.

What didn’t work?

The actual execution of the scavenger hunt might have been a little questionable as to how it worked and who actually won, but if you didn’t overly think things through and had it on as a background movie it was great!

3 Takeaways

  1. The scenes with Tom Arnold brought a humorous sense to the movie. He had a lightness about his character that came off as endearing no matter what you think of Tom himself.
  2. Another inspiration for me to incorporate a new family ritual of doing a scavenger hunt.
  3. The actors worked for me and I would give this movie a try if you were on the fence.


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