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Cherished Memories: A Gift To Remember 2


Movie: Cherished Memories: A Gift To Remember 2

Background on the movie

This movie is a sequel to a 2017 movie in which the leading actress hits a man on her bicycle causing him to get amnesia and forget who he is. This movie starts with the leading actors & actress now as a couple a year or so later? The local rec center is closing down where the leading guy works. You can also see why they don’t do a ton of sequels as most of the story has seemingly been told in the first movie and where do you go from there?

The movie was mostly about what gift Aiden was going to gift Darcy and both of them trying to save the local rec center. It was pretty slow moving and I don’t remember the 2017 movie so I don’t have any feelings towards the characters of needing this story told so I could have done without it personally.

What worked?

I really like Darcy book store. It is super cute, supportive of local authors and a pillar of a small town community.

What didn’t work?

I just felt like the plot of the movie was lacking. It was nothing I was super interested in as the main characters both said if we don’t get the rec center saved it will be okay but let’s try. So it felt like they weren’t super invested in the main premise of the movie.

3 Takeaways

  1. A strong plot will go a long ways.
  2. Sometimes we really don’t need a sequel to a movie.
  3. I love quaint, cute bookstores that are locally owned and supported.

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Side Shuffle

Pop Squats with Floor Taps

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Butt Kicks with Arm Raises 


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