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Ayurvedic Approach To The Fall Season


An Ayurvedic approach to the fall season to help keep the vata dosha happy all season long. We want to continue to build routines or rituals to pacify the vata dosha that often loves a sporadic schedule. Here are a few ideas on how to stay grounded, and focused the next few months. ⁣

Epsom salt bath- This is not only a relaxing activity but therapeutic as well. It helps release tension in the muscles, restores moisture to the tissues, and can open clogged pores. ⁣

Take a nap if you need- Often it can feel hard to rest or that we don’t have the time. If you feel like resting or binging on Hallmark all day on a cold and blistery Sunday don’t feel guilty about it, consider it your bodies need for a little rest. ⁣

Steam room- This helps warm up the body & improve circulation. The vata dosha can sometimes suffer from poor circulation.⁣

Sipping on hot water- The warm water helps keep the lymph moving and helps you stay hydrated all day long. ⁣

Oil Massage- This is a grounding practice that has many benefits such as relaxed state of mind, moisturizing skin, rejuvenates system, drains lumps, restores muscles, increase blood flow. In the fall-sesame, almond and avocado oils are recommend. ⁣

Early bedtime- Going to bed by 10pm to help prep for the sun setting earlier and earlier and honor our bodies natural cycle with the seasons. ⁣

Pranayama- Pick your favorite breathing technique such as alternate nostril breath, 4 square breath, continuous inhale & exhale, or 3 part breath. These can help you stay grounded or connect back with yourself during the day. ⁣

Restorative Yoga-A great time to go inwards and rest. A true restorative yoga class will have 30% of work or less. A great practice to help you release stress and tension during your day to just notice how your body is truly feeling. ⁣

Walk or Hike- Just because the temperatures are lowering doesn’t mean to stay inside all day. Bundle up and head out for a little fresh air on those beautiful fall days. ⁣

Start with 1-2 habits and build from there. Whatever stuck out to you on the list is exactly where to start.


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