A Christmas Miracle


Movie: A Christmas Miracle

Background on the movie

A single mom just moved to a new city and is in her dream career as a journalist. She has a tough boss and is getting help from a co-worker on how to get her work published. Once more this movie had me super distracted after the initial 20 minutes.

***Also if you’re not familiar with Hallmark movies if they don’t hook you in, within the first 20 minutes it is your average Hallmark Christmas movie. Nothing wrong with that just know with 40 new movies most will be average.

There is not a ton of extra content to write for this as the movie was pretty slow moving and not a big catalyst or problem they were trying to get over which I think made this movie feel like such a slow movie.

What worked?

I liked the premise of reuniting the dad and daughter back together. The journalist found her true story and found out the fake story. I enjoyed the premise of the movie but it moved really slow.

What didn’t work?

The movie really moved slow and didn’t really have that many Christmas feels. It moved along like a movie set in Christmas time but didn’t have a tone of Christmas activities that we are accustomed to in the Hallmark movies.

3 Takeaways

  1. Slow moving Hallmark movies are like watching paint drying…
  2. 40 movies might have been a little too much for the Hallmark channel to make this year not all have been good.
  3. At least you can still workout or if you choose to make this a drinking game have a glass or two of wine as you watch the movies.

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