My Birth Story with Onyx

April 4, 2023


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I'm here to help you integrate the timeless principles of Ayurveda, lunar wisdom, and menstrual cycle alignment effortlessly into your daily routine.

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My Water Broke on the same day 7 years to the day my water broke with my first son

On February 28th at 3am my water broke. Which happened to be 7 years to the day my water broke with my first son Jalen.

My contractions weren’t intense so stayed in bed and slept. When I got up in the morning I called the midwives to tell them my progress. I was 41 weeks & 3 days pregnant. I stayed home to labor until contractions were coming every 5-8 minutes apart which was around 3:30pm.

Birth Center

We arrived at the birth center around 4pm.  My doula arrived shortly after we got there. She had an assistant who was shadowing her to finish her doula program. I will say it was so helpful having both doulas there. They were able to take turns squeezing my hips and counting to 30 forwards and backwards for 4 hours.

I labored for about an hour and contractions become more intense and I asked for nitrous oxide, which is what I used for my first birth. Things really started progressing when Sarah my doula had me go to the bathroom around 6:30pm. My body was able to release and the rest of my water broke. The only position that felt comfortable for me was on all 4’s. That was my position at home and at the birth center. I was on the bed laboring the majority of the time.

After I came back from the bathroom I felt the urge to push. Both midwives came in and I pushed for 2 hours. Everyone said the second comes faster but for me Onyx and Jalen were both 2 hours of pushing.

The Pushing Phase

While I was pushing with Onyx I lost the urge to push and they noticed he had meconium in the womb. That put us on a timetable of him needing to come out sooner vs later.

As I was pushing I said something is wrong. For me to keep losing the urge to push and then needing to a few minutes later. After Jess the midwife checked my cervix again she noticed he was stuck on my pelvis.

Which I felt towards the end of pregnancy. He was laying on my right hip putting pressure there. I never could get him quite lined up in the ideal position. So when Jess saw that the next time I pushed she lifted my pelvis bone up and he was able to come out a few pushes later.

He took a few seconds to breathe and had to get his lungs clear. He was also very bruised as they had me hold the ring of fire to get him out around the pelvis.

Onyx Arrives

I ended up with a second degree tear the same as I had with my first. He was a big boy though a 14 inch head, and weighed 9lbs, 8oz and was 22.5 inches long. He was born at 9:23pm.

Since I birthed on all fours for me to get him for skin to skin they passed him underneath me and the umbilical cord slightly tore. I didn’t get to have an extended time without clamping the cord and we needed the placenta to come out a little faster and it came right out.

I honestly felt really good mentally and physically after this birth vs my first. I had to have pitocin to induce labor and I think that really contributed to me having a ton of brain fog after birth.

I did get a shot of pitocin after Onyx to help with postpartum bleeding since he was so big. We also did the vitamin K shot for Onyx since it was a traumatic birth for him.


Highly recommend having a doula

I had such a positive birth experience with Sarah. I felt very supported the weeks leading up to birth, throughout labor and processing the birth. Sarah helped give me the tools to make it through labor and helped my husband focus on just being the support person for me.

I wouldn’t have had as smooth of labor without Sarah. She helped keep me focused, calm and centered throughout labor. I’m so grateful for my birthing experience and the support Sarah provided me and my husband.

I’m so glad I had a doula this time around and it happened completely by accident. Sarah is the ultrasound technician at the birth center and asked if I had a doula I had told her no, I tried a few but nobody responded. She said she was available the next few weeks if I was interested. I said absolutely yes. It ended up being a great fit and she helped during birth for myself and my husband. She literally counted from 1-30 and 30-1 for four hours as that was what kept me mentally focused. My husband was by my head talking with me throughout the process. During the transition my nitrous oxide ran out and mentally started breaking down until the midwife noticed the tank was empty. As soon as I got a new tank I was able to drop back in and stay focused.

Overall I'm so happy with my birth experience

Overall I’m so happy with my birth experience and so glad I chose a birth center. I had told my doula while processing the birth I probably would have ended up with a c-section at the hospital due to him being stuck and I don’t think a doctor would have pressed the pelvis down to assist. I also would not have been able to go 41 weeks being 38 years old. So for myself it was a better experience vs the hospital birth.

I will also say being 5 weeks postpartum now I’m healing physically and mentally better than after my first birth. I will do a separate podcast in May talking about how postpartum went and is going so this episode won’t be super long.

Sarah Davini

Doula Contact Information for local Minneapolis/St. Paul folks


Contact Info: 

Phone Number: 651-366-1679



I am a mom to two great kids; Freddie (8 yrs.) and Bonnie (6 yrs.).  My husband Matt and I had a doula for the birth of both of our kids. Whether it’s your first baby or fifth, a doula can be so helpful for your family. My own doula led me on the journey to consider being one myself. Even though you have a partner, your midwife and the rest of your team, a doula is there to provide important emotional and physical support. With over 16 years of experience as a Diagnostic Sonographer, I bring unique knowledge and experience. I am a sonographer with The Minnesota Birth Center and Twin Cities Birth Center. And, I am a professionally trained birth doula/postpartum doula.  As a doula, I provide excellent support, and guidance, and share my knowledge/help you understand (if you need it). I listen well, care a lot, and provide comfort and relief. I’m kind, respectful, patient and reliable. I’m available before you go into labor with resources, and happy to check in with post-delivery needs.  You are in charge of your birth story. I want to be sure that it is a good experience for you and your family.

Twin Cities Birth Center Information


Postpartum update coming in May

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Ayurvedic Pregnancy 

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I'm here to help you integrate the timeless principles of Ayurveda, lunar wisdom, and menstrual cycle alignment effortlessly into your daily routine.

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