Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022 Rankings

October 22, 2022

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Who loves Hallmark Christmas Movies?

I love catching Hallmark Christmas movies each season. I've had several friends ask if I could review them so they know what movies to watch and what movies to skip. Here is my annual Hallmark rankings of each movie!


Now as the season goes on sometimes the way I rank movies, I end up liking one's better vs how I initially ranked them. My rankings list is the go to order I would watch them again in.

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2022 Movie Rankings in order that I would watch again

  1. Haul Out the Holly
  2. Three Wise Men & a Baby
  3. Ghosts of Christmas Always
  4. Holiday Sitter
  5. A Holiday Spectacular
  6. A Kismet Christmas
  7. #Xmas
  8. In Merry Measure
  9. Noel Next Door
  10. Lights, Camera, Christmas!
  11. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
  12. Five More Minutes: Moments like this
  13. A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe
  14. The Holiday Stocking
  15. A Maple Valley Christmas
  16. Hanukkah on Rye
  17. Christmas at the Golden Dragon
  18. Holiday Heritage
  19. Long Lost Christmas
  20. My Southern Family Christmas
  21. The Royal Nanny
  22. A Cozy Christmas Inn
  23. A Jolly Good Christmas
  24. Inventing the Christmas Prince
  25. Christmas Class Reunion
  26. A Fabled Holiday
  27. A Tale of Two Christmases
  28. We Need a Little Christmas
  29. We Wish You A Married Christmas
  30. A Big Fat Family Christmas
  31. Our Italian Christmas Memories
  32. A Magical Christmas Village
  33. The Gift of Peace
  34. The Most Colorful Time of the Year
  35. The Undercover Holiday
  36. A Royal Corgi Christmas
  37. All Saints Christmas
  38. Time for Him to Come Home to Christmas
  39. Christmas Bedtime Stories
  40. When I Think of Christmas

Most Watch Movies this season

  • Three Wise Men & a Baby- A 5 🎄 Movie
  • Ghosts of Christmas Always- A 5 🎄 Movie
  • Haul Out the Holly- a 5 🎄 Movie
  • Holiday Sitter
  • A Holiday Spectacular- a 5 🎄 Movie
  • #Xmas
  • A Kismet Christmas
  • In Merry Measure
  • Noel Next Door
  • Lights, Camera, Christmas!
  • Christmas at the Golden Dragon
  • A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe
  • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
  • The Holiday Stocking
  • Five more minutes: Moments like this
_My Top 5 Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022

Middle of the road movies

  • A Maple Valley Christmas
  • Hanukkah on Rye
  • Holiday Heritage
  • Long Lost Christmas
  • The Royal Nanny
  • A Cozy Christmas Inn
  • A Jolly Good Christmas
  • Christmas Class Reunion
  • A Fabled Holiday
  • Inventing the Christmas Prince
  • A Tale of Two Christmases
  • My Southern Family Christmases

Not my favorites

  • We need a Little Christmas
  • The Gift of Peace
  • A Big Fat Family Christmas
  • We Wish You a Married Christmas
  • Our Italian Christmas Memories
  • A Magical Christmas Village
  • All Saints Christmas
  • A Royal Corgi Christmas
  • Undercover Holiday
  • Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas
  • The Most Colorful Time of the Year
  • Christmas Bedtime Stories
  • When I Think of Christmas
_My Top 5 Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022 (1)
Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 4.53.37 PM

Noel Next Door

This movie pleasantly surprised me. I wasn’t expecting much but found myself laughing at several parts, and overall had a good time. Could it be because it’s the first Christmas movie of the year and I over rate it? Probably as that happens to me every year 😂 but I liked it 🤷🏼‍♀️

Now I will say my mom who only watches the Christmas movies thought it was slow. So if you drop in just for Christmas it might not be your cup of tea. 

As someone who works with menstrual cycle health the tampon joke made the movie for me. I also found myself laughing out loud during Natalie Halls blind date scene. 

Natalie and Corey had smoking chemistry and were both so great in their respective roles. 

Henry (the kid) is actually the worst, he constantly kicked the ball against the wall of his neighbors house, that would annoy anyone. He lies to his mom and is manipulating her to get his way. The mom doesn’t think to ask follow-up questions also not the greatest look. 

I thought the movie moved at a good pace until the last hour, it seemed to slow down and wasn’t quite as many funny moments to get me through. 

If you’re thirsty for new Christmas movies I think we are off to a decent start this season.

What did you think? 

4 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄🎄

Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 8.49.51 AM

We Wish You a Married Christmas 

Well this was a movie I was looking forward to and it didn’t live up to my expectations. The bickering couple for half of the movie didn’t do much for me. Plus it seemed like they didn’t really know each other at all and had been married for 13 years 🤷🏼‍♀️

I love Kristoffer Polaha but this movie didn’t do much for me, and I loved Cranberry Christmas. The alpaca farm was the highlight of the movie for me. 

It had a weird pacing to it so I found it hard to get into for some reason. 

Since I enjoyed last nights movie a lot more than this one the ranking is pretty low, and my high expectations might have been this movies demise for me. Overall I found the movie to be a bit boring. 

What did you think? 

2 out of 5 🎄🎄

We Need a Little Christmas 

The friendship between Irene and the little boy was so beautifully done in this movie. My pregnant self is probably going to cry most movies and mysteries movies this year I’ve realized. 

I thought this movie was full of heart felt scenes and the message of hope. The lead was recovering from grief after her husbands death and celebrating their first Christmas. 

If you’re in the mood for a more serious holiday movie that is well done this is one the hit on all of those notes.

3.5 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄.5 Christmas trees 

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 4.54.06 PM
Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 4.53.46 PM

A Kismet Christmas

A Kismet Christmas 

The opening throwback scene was a hit for me! The bad hair, the ugly Christmas sweater, magic cookies I was all in those first 20 minutes. 

Was this movie airtight no, the ages mentioned were a bit baffling (not sure why an 8 year old would want to hang out with a 4 year old who wasn’t related to them)  hiding the author at the bookstore for the scavenger hunt might not be the best hiding spot if you were truly trying. But, I still was into the kismet of it all!

This movie will be one that I can have on playing in the background as I bake cookies this holiday season. It has great Christmas feels, a fun magical cookie recipe, two leads who I really enjoyed plus Marilu Henner who couldn’t pass this one up! 

4 out of 5 Christmas Trees 🎄🎄🎄🎄

A Cozy Christmas Inn

I’m reviewing it not comparing to Christmas Under Wraps as I loved that movie and it was a sequel of sorts 🤷🏼‍♀️

I did enjoy the repeat characters such as Andy and his father, and Hattie, the diner owner turned cappuccino maker. This movie had a lot of dialogue between the two leads which always slows down the movie for me and not in a good way. 

I’m all for the “That’s Garland for you” bit but it was a bit overdone🤪 I also missed not having Frank in the scenes with people besides via FaceTime in a few scenes. That felt like an odd choice and would have loved having a scene or two at his factory to show more of the town. 

I think this might have suffered from my high expectations, since it was in my top 2 most looking forward to movies.

Overall it felt a bit slow, I wanted more from the plot, than we got. I did enjoy the leads but don’t know if the my had much to work with. 

Middle of the road movie for me 

3 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄 Christmas trees

Screen Shot 2022-10-29 at 8.29.47 AM
Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 3.50.45 PM

A Jolly Good Christmas

Another middle of the road movie for me. A lot of the chatter was around Will Kemps fake American accent, I didn’t find it distracting personally. I enjoyed both of the leads together and the fun adventure of a day they were having finding the perfect gift for Davids girlfriend. 

It just again felt a little off. I did enjoy seeing London during the Christmas season that was a fun treat! It was the most grownup breakup I’ve watched on a Hallmark movie. 

Overall not my favorite but not the worst. It moved a bit slow for me and always struggle to get into the slower paced movies on the regular Hallmark Channel. 

3 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄 Christmas Trees

Christmas Bedtime Stories

I love Erin Cahill and Steve Lund, without them as leads I really would have struggled to make it through this one. If you’re looking for a movie that is military based that will pull at your heartstrings this one will be the movie to watch this season. 

This might not be a popular opinion but I don’t tend to enjoy the Hallmark military movies. Often they are super sad, pull at your heartstrings and usually not super accurate. 

I enjoyed the premise of reading the bedtime stories  and seeing real life reminders occur the next day. I wouldn’t mind seeing another movie like that but maybe an actual fairy tale and seeing things occur in real life that might have peaked my interest more.

Without spoiling anything the ending was an interesting choice. 

Overall 2 out of 5 🎄 🎄 

Screen Shot 2022-10-30 at 7.53.32 AM
Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 3.50.52 PM

Ghosts of Christmas Always

My favorite of the year thus far. I loved the entire cast, the leads, the ghosts, the mystery, originality and fast paced movie. I loved the phrase Scrooging they used to describe the effect they were doing to help change peoples minds about life. 

Both of the leads were ones I would love to see again they were perfection in their roles. I laughed out loud several times during this movie with quick one liners. A heartfelt turn towards the end of the movie that just keeps you engaged throughout the entire movie. 

I loved Peter and seeing his relationship evolve with his dad and the growth they both had by the end of the movie. Perfect ending, just an overall great movie! 

5 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

A Magical Christmas Village

This movie felt a bit slow from time to time, a bit all over the map in what it was trying to do. Was it trying to be a love story, or trying to reconcile a mother/daughter, or trying to do both in a short period of time? The village scene with the young daughter I thought could have been played up a bit more. It felt like it was sometimes overlooked or just thrown in there and than a quick scene to what her mom and Luke were doing 🤷🏼‍♀️ 

It just felt a bit strange. I love Luke and thought he did great, Allison I really enjoy in the mysteries with her more serious tone. Again Marlo Thomas helped me give this a 2.5 rating as I thought her energy really helped the film and did laugh out loud a few times at her jokes. 

It’s also never a good sign when I look at the clock to see how much time is left and there was still 30 minutes, and I couldn’t wait to go to bed and these movies end at 9pm my time, 😬. 

Needless to say not a favorite and so far the Friday night movies have been my least favorites of the new ones (besides Bedtime stories..) so maybe it’s a Friday night thing 🤷🏼‍♀️

2.5 out of 5 🎄🎄.5 

A Magical christmas village
lights, camera, christmas!

Lights, Camera Christmas!

I love that Hallmark started poking fun at itself in this movie. John Brotherton played the king of Christmas part to kick off the movie brilliantly. Kimberly Sustad was wonderful as usual.

I enjoyed how they filmed this movie back and forth from the LA scenes to the flashbacks of them filming the movie. There were a few slower parts to the movie in which could have been wrapped up a bit quicker. I’m thinking the halfway point of their dinner date on the movie set so they would have had at least 10 minutes to wrap the movie up.

The last 5 minutes was a bit of a whirlwind trying to tell us everything that happened the past year and wrap the movie up in a tight little bow. Which could have been expanded on just a bit.

My favorite line was Who’s your favorite Santa now?

If you want a fun cute, light hearted movie this one will check all of those boxes!

4 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄🎄

A Maple Valley Christmas

Well, give me a farm or ranch and I’m in love 😬. So this movie hit all the notes for me 🤷🏼‍♀️ I can relate to the family dynamics of deciding what should we do with the land that surrounds us. The siblings needing to be on the same page and decide how to proceed with the farm. It’s hard and a real issue for farm families. I also loved that it was an all lady farm team, a unique twist to the farm life.

Will this movie excite you? Maybe…If you also enjoy a good farm, ranch, family dynamics and business movie. Plus some smoldering chemistry between the leads while they stare into each others eyes and a kiss in the first 20 minutes.

Wow, her zinger towards the end of the movie- you’re a “rich kid who’s lost and thinks he will find himself by putting on a Stetson and playing cowboy” 🤯  she has her walls up. There were some serious grown-up dialogue between the leads and I was here for it.

If you’re in the mood for a more serious holiday movie that of course still has a happy ending this movie

4.5 out of 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

a maple valley christmas
All Saints Christmas

All Saints Christmas

This movie started slow and continued to be a slower paced movie which are never my favorite. I enjoyed the adult conversations during the movie but there were so many that I found myself losing interest. I like the fake fiancé angle and thought they could have played that up for more laughs or antics.

The actual story seemed thin, there seemed like there were a lot of commercials in this one, and a ton of b-roll footage of them doing things without dialogue. The mother and daughter age gap was a bit of a head scratcher  in real life the mom is 5 years younger than Lisette. I enjoy  both of them but seemed to be an afterthought on casting. I love the dad and have seen him in other Hallmark movies, would love for him to have an even bigger role someday.

Ledisi can sing and is a gospel singer in real life that is where she looked the most comfortable on stage singing. I would have loved to see her have more random singing parts throughout the movie. Roger Cross was wonderful as the male lead and would love to see him in future movies.

They did nail the ending it didn’t feel rushed, it felt like things were wrapped up well. The fake snow in New Orleans was the head scratcher there.

Overall a 2.5 out of 5 Christmas Trees 🎄🎄.5

In Merry Measure

I didn’t know they still made CD’s?, Creepy basement, the feminist football coach. This movie had lots of great lines and dialogue that I truly appreciated.

This was a fun movie that had great chemistry amongst the cast. I loved seeing the evolution of the chorus squads. I think the football coach and sister were wonderful. I had several laugh out loud moments throughout the entire movie. There were so many quick one liners thrown in the movie. I was thinking they nailed the ending it had time to breathe and was wrapped up nicely. Then they threw in a strange montage at the very end. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I feel they could have just left it with a big ole kiss but that’s a minor critique.

I had no expectations with this movie and right now it’s landing in my top 3!

4 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄🎄

In Merry Measure
The Royal Nanny

The Royal Nanny

I liked the originality of the plot. It was a mystery inside of a regular Christmas movie. I’m not usually a royal movie fan nor do I typically enjoy the nanny movies. I did enjoy the undercover nanny element so it felt like a fresh idea for one of these movies.

There was a kidnapping in a Hallmark movie, they talked about crypto currency as a demand, it’s a new Hallmark era! Was I confused about exactly what was going on/forgot all of the agents names? Yes. Did I still enjoy the movie and would probably catch some of the subtle things mentioned with a second viewing? I think so.

I loved the Lansbury nanny agency though was confused at exactly who employs them is it just royals or all nannies are getting trained for combat in London?

My other question was the Lansbury nanny name a wink to the late great Angela Lansbury? They also jokingly gave the title of Dame to Clare the lead. Which Angela Lansbury also held? 🤔 or was it just be overthinking/hoping.

Overall it is one to catch but have your full attention devoted to, so you catch all the names of people you don’t usually need to recall in a Hallmark movie.

3.5 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄.5 Christmas Trees

Our Italian Christmas Memories

This movie was beautifully done, Sarah Power and Beau Bridges were both fantastic. The rest of the cast were perfect as well. My grandfather had dementia so any storyline with that as a plot always is difficult for me to watch. As a total side note as a current pregnant mama I enjoyed seeing another pregnant mama in a movie.

I enjoyed the partner telling her wife I’m here to remind you to do what makes you happy not just please your family. Which is new in a hallmark movie. Seeing the little brother struggle with his own insecurities but work through them was nice to see.

The meal at the very end looked delicious and I didn’t even cry but there was a definite The Family Stone gift giving moment where I was close!

Overall 3 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄as it was one I wasn’t mad I saw but probably wouldn’t seek out again.

Our Itailian Christmas Memories
Christmas at the Golden Dragon

Christmas at the golden dragon

I actually enjoyed the 8 different storylines and thought they interweaved them very well. I’m not sure I really needed or wanted more to anyone’s story line in particular. I think they each were compelling in their own unique way. They had character flaws which are realistic to people who don’t live in a Hallmark movie. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Two scenes I thought were hilarious- the family caroling to their neighbors who weren’t having any part of it and the brother throwing the snowball and hitting her right in the stomach. Having 3 brothers myself I could see them doing something like this.

The Chex Mix and Wal-Mart ad placement were quite in your face, but it did make me hungry for puppy chow after watching so mission accomplished!

I enjoyed the ending even though it might not be realistic for people to drop their plans last minute to help out the local restaurant on Christmas Day. But the voiceover scene showing how different people celebrate Christmas and there is no one right way I thought nailed it!

4 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄🎄

Inventing the Christmas Prince

I was drifting in and out of the movie for most of it.. I did however tune fully back in the last 30 minutes which I found delightful. Here were some of my notes on the movie in general; the boss making people work all day Christmas Eve & maybe a 1/2 day on Christmas brutal…

I loved seeing Ronnie Rowe Jr. character develop throughout the movie and thought him telling stories to the children was hilarious. Even my hubby passing through paused and said that guy seems awkward. So I think Ronnie nailed the character and by that end scene when he looks at Tamara in the carriage, serious smolder with some serious smolder in his eyes. I thought Tamera was wonderful and did a great job throughout the entire movie of showcasing a strong female presence.

The little blonde bully kid was the worst! I don’t know if I could have the restraint Tameras character did on not yelling at him. For me though the ending of the movie was adorable. I loved the carriage scene and coming to school. Even if you knew that was going to happen it still worked for me.

Overall because I was drifting in and out and it didn’t fully hold my attention it was a middle of the road movie for me but with a great ending.

3 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄

Inventing the Christmas Prince
3 Wise Men & A Baby

Three Wise Men & a Baby

This movie had a lot of hype to live up to and freaking knocked it out of the park! This movie is hilarious, Tyler Hynes delivery on lines was perfection. Andrew Walker playing the responsible brother was amazing with the baby. Paul Campbell playing the introverted, not a big people person knocked it out of the park. Plus a surprise cameo from Kimberly Sustad who also co-wrote the movie with Paul was perfection. Finally Margaret Colin as the mother was the perfect glue to the family ties.

Highly recommend this movie I was laughing throughout the entire movie. One of the best movies in a few years and one I will be rewatching!

5 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 trees

Long Lost Christmas

This movie dealt with a niece looking for the uncle she never knew she had. Her mother was adopted and had a picture with her brother as a kid and after her husband died thought about her long lost brother. Taylor Cole is an interior designer who runs her own business  and sets out to find him. Along the way she meets Benjamin Ayres who is business partners with her long lost uncle.

I love that she got to develop a relationship with her cousin and helped her business out in the process. I had a slight crush on the actor who played Gordon I thought he was a good looking guy 🤷🏼‍♀️ The fight between the uncle and the niece, I’m not quite sure I understood why it was such a big deal.

This movie was one of my favorites on the HMM channel this year. It wasn’t too sad, it had some good feels, good acting and a storyline that I was invested in. My expectations were low for this movie so I was pleasantly surprised by it.

Overall 4 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄🎄 Christmas Trees

Long Lost Christmas
When I think of Chrisstmas

Long Lost Christmas

This movie dealt with a niece looking for the uncle she never knew she had. Her mother was adopted and had a picture with her brother as a kid and after her husband died thought about her long lost brother. Taylor Cole is an interior designer who runs her own business  and sets out to find him. Along the way she meets Benjamin Ayres who is business partners with her long lost uncle.

I love that she got to develop a relationship with her cousin and helped her business out in the process. I had a slight crush on the actor who played Gordon I thought he was a good looking guy 🤷🏼‍♀️ The fight between the uncle and the niece, I’m not quite sure I understood why it was such a big deal.

This movie was one of my favorites on the HMM channel this year. It wasn’t too sad, it had some good feels, good acting and a storyline that I was invested in. My expectations were low for this movie so I was pleasantly surprised by it.

Overall 4 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄🎄 Christmas Trees

My Southern Family Christmas

The mothers guilt trip for their daughter wanting to reach out to her biological father was not an ideal reaction. It’s not an easy decision to make to reach out to biological family for fear of rejection. The mom has to realize it’s not about her it’s about her daughters needs. The father had a much more emotionally balanced reaction.

I love Moira Kelly and was so happy to see her in a Hallmark movie! Overall though this movie was a bit slow and the lying and deception seems to be a theme on Hallmark the past few weekends. I would rather have upfront adult touch conversations happening but understand it helps leave a bit of mystery to the movie 🤷🏼‍♀️ We also got another rushed ending where the issues are handled after the last commercial break so it felt super rushed and leaving you wanting more resolve. I’m not sure the sisters would instantly be happy I feel like there would be a few more questions being asked.

This will land towards the bottom middle for me. I enjoyed seeing the Louisiana take on Christmas as it’s something new to me so that was fun! I wish they would have resolved the daughter/father reveal earlier and shown that movie instead but overall would watch again.

3 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄 trees

My Southern Family Christmas
Haul Out the Holly

Haul Out the Holly

I loved this movie! Give me all of the funny, quirky off the wall antics and I’m usually in. This movie started off with quirky parents who gave you a reverse Christmas in the Franks situation. Melissa Peterman and Stephen Tobo were amazing supporting characters in this film. I love Melissa and her comedic timing was perfection in this film.

Two fun Hallmark cameo surprises that also made me laugh out loud. A neighborhood snowball fight with snowmen clearly not made of snow still couldn’t stop me from having a great time with this film. If you want a serious movie that hits on real intense conversations, this isn’t the movie for you. Wes Brown’s ugly Christmas sweater was epic! Lacey I thought was the best I’ve seen her in years. Plus the white sweater with the santa hat, major Mean Girls Christmas pageant vibes!

Overall I will watch this one again, and again! You could feel everyone in the movie had a great time making this one and didn’t take themselves too seriously. Which I think was the point of this quirky, unique movie!

5 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

A Tale of Two Christmases

A magic Santa 🎅🏽 which I love bringing some magic to the movie!

I loved the two storylines and seeing what life has in store based on fate. I would have preferred a more interesting storyline happening in both stories to really enjoy this movie.

I enjoy the leading lady who was in Good Witch but felt like this movie was just slightly missing something. Maybe it’s too hard in a hour and 24ish minute movie to nail both storylines and make you feel attached to either vision 🤷🏼‍♀️ though I’ve seen them do it before with  Switched for Christmas.

This is not a throw on movie and multi-task type of movie or you will miss the back and forth between her two possible life outcomes. There were some funny scenes to start the movie but it didn’t quite stick the landing.

Overall this one will be a middle of the road movie for me.

3 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄

A Tale of Two Christmases
A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe

A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe

I loved the 1980s commercial to kick off the movie! Very nostalgic for myself! I loved that it had a mystery, it had some funny elements. I love both the leads. Overall I really enjoyed this one.

I usually love the cookie movies and love the light mystery element it kept me engaged during the movie even if I figured out who did it right away, I still had fun.

I enjoyed having the lady board member be the antagonist of the movie. I didn’t like that Rachel’s character got on stage at the end for the dance. Let the kiddo work through her fear. It’s one I probably am overrating but looking at where this will land this season on my list a 4 tree movie it is!

4 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄🎄

A Holiday Spectacular

I loved seeing the 1950’s clothing style and how everyone dressed up everywhere they went. Which my 96 year old grandma still does to this day. 💖

I loved the dancing and seeing the Rockettes. Both leads were wanting to live their lives doing something different than what their parents had planned it just hits different in the late 1950’s vs conversations had today. I enjoyed that element as a spot of contention.

I really enjoyed this movie. It’s something different super cute, great fashion, dancing and a beautiful love story that even had me tear up at the end.

5 out of 5 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄

A Holdiay Spectacular


I recently just finished the book Hygge and Kisses and I loved it, I’ve also participated in hygge workshops! So this movie hitting on the hygge elements was a big yes for me! I love both the leads and the sister dynamic was so fun! I can relate to the lead about social media and the fear of putting yourself out there. My actual biz (yes, I totally just review Hallmark movies for fun 💖) I do have a lot more social media and the fear of trolls, really putting yourself out there is real. Plus getting sucked into the reality of knowing not everything out there is real, is something I think the lead character nailed.

Did this movie have lying yes, but the lead felt guilty about it the entire time so I guess that helps. The gorgeous home decor and style of this movie also made me appreciate this movie that much more.

The smokescreen of the social media blowing up with two different couples is realistic. The mother daughter relationship trying to build back up and the lead couple trying to figure things out I was here for all of it.

This is a more standard Hallmark flick but I was here for it!

4 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄🎄

Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas

This movie didn’t do it for me. It was quite slow. I wasn’t super into the story of trying to find who left the voicemail on the leads phone.

I wanted the leads to tell each other how they felt about each other earlier in the film. The classic misunderstanding half hearing a conversation is my least favorite misunderstanding.

Wow, how they piece together this movie at the end is 😬🤦🏼‍♀️.. not even Tyler Hynes could save this movie for me and I love him but boy did this movie miss all the marks for me. If you want a slow, twisting, misunderstanding that lasts the entire movie but somehow is boring at the same time this is the movie for you.

2 out of 5 🎄🎄

Time for him to come home for christmas
A Royal Corgi Christmas

A Royal Corgi Christmas

If you love royal movies and corgis this movie will be a hit for you! I, myself am not a royal movie fan and am a cat person 🤷🏼‍♀️ so this movie was meh for me. I love the leading lady who was also in the new Hallmark mystery series last year.

The plot and storyline for all royal movies seem to be the same. A playboy Prince doesn’t want to settle down, meets an American whom he decides to date and settle down and finally be king or pass the title to a sibling. The queen then gets to retire and marry her long time staff member whom she secretly has been wanting to date for years. A power hungry person tries to date someone in the royal family to become king/queen themselves someday.

Throw in the hijinks which in this movie is Mistletoe the dog and you have your movie.

2.5 out of 5 🎄🎄.5

A Big Fat Family Christmas

I loved the leading actress and would love to see her in more movies. The decorations of the house were a highlight for me. Now she started taking pictures of random people and putting them on her large social media account. I guess you can do that but, I’m not sure how enthusiastic everyone would be about that, especially coming from her when in the end she wanted more privacy from her families large gathering 🤷🏼‍♀️  Let’s just say her actual reason for hating her families Christmas party was pretty flimsy.

Her leaving her purse to dance to Christmas songs at the local bar should have been the foreshadowing to her leaving a bag of money on the trolley car unattended and than kicking it off without realizing it.. That was a head scratcher to me.

Are we also to believe she walked home barefoot from the bar in San Francisco 🤔 I mean I’ve done it here in Minneapolis in my early 20’s after one too many, but I can’t say I’m going to be doing that in my 30’s..

Overall it wasn’t the most boring movie for me it was just a story full of holes and head scratching moments so it will stay out of my bottom 5 barely..

2.5 out of 5 🎄 🎄.5

A Big Fat Family Christmas
A Fabeled Holiday

A Fabled Holiday

I enjoyed seeing the 3 couples- one in the budding romance stage, a married couple trying to hit reset, and a widower. I personally liked the story element with the narration. I think they could have had a bit better transition into the chapter element from the movie sometimes it was quite jarring.

I loved seeing Lindsey Sterling the violinist and wish she would have had a bit more time. I didn’t quite believe the chemistry between the leads it felt a bit forced.

I think the first viewing of the movie you might be trying to figure out what is going on like I was most of the movie. Which leaves you spinning your wheels a bit and I think a second viewing might make this movie better as you don’t have to have the “what in the world is going on” element going on in the background.

Overall this movie is a 3 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄

The Holiday Stocking

This was the first Mahogany Christmas movie and it really worked for me!

I usually don’t like the angel movies but this one wasn’t like the older angel movies circa Hallmark 2006 era. It felt fresh, the sibling relationships felt real.

I actually really loved the stocking hunt and volunteering for an organization of the riddle winners choosing. I want to start incorporating something like that with my own family. I appreciated that the stocking game was how everyone reconnected as adults and reminded them of their youth and caring for others.

Did the ending have me crying 😭 the most I have from any movie this season? Yes and it was soo good. This is my top Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie of the season thus far. Most of the movie is light and fun but will give you some tears at the end so you know what mood you want to be in to watch it!

4.5 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄🎄.5

The Holiday Stocking
Undercover Holiday

Undercover Holiday

A stalker in a Hallmark movie 😱 that gets really no resolve in the end about sums up this movie. There were a ton of holes in this plot that didn’t quite add up nor did we get any solution to some of the big ⁉️ in this movie.

The bodyguard falls asleep and doesn’t wake up when the dad is riding a spin bike in his bedroom? That seems like he might not be the best bodyguard not to notice something like that. I enjoyed seeing the different cultural Christmas traditions but wasn’t overly invested in the leads relationship.

The final fight was quite ridiculous getting mad that your bodyguard didn’t show you the potential stalkers notes, that’s kind of his job 🤷🏼‍♀️ Than the family getting in a fight with the daughter and vice versa just wasn’t needed. It felt like they all just needed to sit down and talk. Most families would want to keep their kids safe, that to me is not a huge issue.

Overall this one was a miss for me 2 out of 5 🎄🎄

The Most Colorful Time of the Year

If you love going to the eye doctor you might enjoy this movie. This movie is full of things that annoyed me from an overly pushy eye doctor that steps over boundaries of what her patients actually want, to demanding the teacher put up Christmas decorations in his classroom, and showing him around town after he gets his new glasses to show him what he’s been “missing” all of these years.

I also kept looking at the clock wondering how can they stretch this out another hour and 15 minutes, then another hour, 45 minutes. I was counting down the time and they kept throwing in random scenes. If you haven’t seen an elementary school singing performance this movie has you covered. If you want to look at Christmas tree lights in the school, in a church, outside at a tree lighting this movie hits all those hot spots.

Finally if you wanted a stalker ex this movie covers that basis too. He might be just as pushy as she is showing up at her place because he was in the area, not once but twice. Coming to the elementary school of her daughter, and asking a teacher how much they make a year. He was the real treat of this movie.

We finish the movie with my least favorite double misunderstanding as you watch someone across the room and misunderstand what they were doing with that other person. Talk to them like an adult, don’t stare and come to your own conclusions.

As you can see this one annoyed me and maybe because I’m starting to get sick I was in a mood but I won’t be catching this one anytime soon.

1.5 out of 5 🎄.5

The Most Colorful Time of the year
Christmas Class Reunion

Christmas Class Reunion

Having helped plan a 5 & 10 year class reunion with my friend who was class president I can say it’s a pain in the booty. Nobody likes the venue you pick, everyone has thoughts on how fancy it should be, but we are from a small town of 3500 people total (that’s 8 small towns combined to reach that number) there’s not many options 😂

That being said I enjoyed this movie. My favorite scene was L talking with her mom asking who she was without her job and her mom saying maybe she pushed her to hard as she got caught up in proving to her friends she did a good job raising her. I think that’s something that happens quite a bit but that conversation is not had. So I appreciated that scene.

The side storylines we didn’t get a ton from, maybe 5 minutes of each side plot. The leads love story was entertaining enough to keep my attention. Overall a cute movie, nothing special but one I wouldn’t mind catching again.

3.5 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄.5

The Gift of Peace

Be warned this movie is not a feel good movie. It is about a grief support group and everyone shares their stories about the loved one they lost. There are numerous flashbacks to their loved ones. So you need to be prepared for that. I personally am not the biggest fan of the grief, big sad movies. They just leave me in a sad place when done. But this movie was really well done and dealt with grief in a real way. It’s also one I wouldn’t watch again.

I might be a lower ranking only because it’s not one I will watch again not that it’s a bad movie just an overly sad one.

3 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄

Gift of Peace
The Holiday Sitter

The Holiday Sitter

This movie is hilarious, the physical comedy, the one liners, the dynamics of the cast is suburb. The chemistry between the two leads were 🔥. The sibling relationships between both leads and their brother and sister respectively was such great adult conversations. The mom was wonderful and I’m used to seeing her as the “bad” gal in the Hallmark Mysteries movies so it was nice seeing her in this role.

This top to bottom is a solid movie and will land in my top 5. I’m so glad Hallmark took such great care of this film and really delivered a strong first same sex couple leads movie. I hope to see more from both leads in the future. This movie provides both the comedic elements and the sincerity so it really landed for myself!

4.5 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄🎄.5

Holiday Heritage

This was a slower movie but somehow it still landed for me. Usually I’m not a fan of the slow movies but I was intrigued by the family dynamics and learning about Kwanza. I also fast forwarded through most commercials which always helps.

I found the mother/daughter dynamic to be relatable especially moms who might have a tougher exterior and warm fuzzy feelings aren’t their strength.

I found the relationship dynamic of not speaking their truth to be true for a younger couple, I didn’t always speak up in my 20s but hopefully if you were going to purpose you would have said so. It sounds like they needed those 2 years to grow as people and will be a better fit now.

I like how they ended the movie with Hollys character which is a different twist vs a traditional Hallmark ending.

Overall this one worked for me but it is a slower, gentle unfolding journey into their lives.

3.5 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄.5

Holiday Hertitage
Twas the Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

I didn’t know what to expect from this movie and was pleasantly surprised. I loved the play concept with the two dueling ghosts about who wrote Twas the night before Christmas.

There was enough going on outside of the Christmas play and practices to keep me entertained. I love Torrey DeVito she is one of my favorites. I really enjoyed the male lead as well and hope to see him in more.

I thought the leads had great chemistry and it was a fun twist on a Hallmark movie. I love the ending with life lessons for both leads delivered via a ghost of the former author.

3.5 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄.5

Five More Minutes: Moments Like This

This is the style of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Christmas movie I enjoy. There are sad feels, but done in a way that doesn’t make you feel horrible after watching it.

I loved seeing Ashley Williams in a more serious role, she was brilliant! I’m always a fan of Lucas Bryant as well. I thought this movie dealt with grief, moving on and making tough family decisions in a beautiful way without over stuffing it with a ton of sad feels.

I enjoyed the boy seeing flashbacks of his father at different ages throughout the movie helping his son move on and make new friends. I love that Nikki DeLoach made a cameo in the movie as well. The cameos that Hallmark have been doing this year with other stars has been such a fun treat for the regular Hallmark viewers!

The final 20 minutes I loved and the song, it gets me every time and pairing it with the husband and Ashley dancing the last dance 👏🏼💖

4 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄

5 More Minutes
Hanukkah on Rye

Hanukkah on Rye

I enjoyed the You’ve got mail vibes only with old school letters vs email and the use of a matchmaker. Both their bubbe’s set their grandchildren up with a matchmaker service and of course live in the same building and run Jewish restaurants in the city.

I love the doorman Thomas was in on it the entire time having to deliver the letters to each character. You could feel the families love ooze through the screen. I enjoyed the supporting cast it brought some great comedy and loving grounding to the film.

I think this one suffered for me as it was the last of the 40 movies, so I was ready for them to be done at this point in the season vs looking forward to one more weekend full of movies.

3.5 out of 5 🎄🎄🎄.5

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